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Driving Organic Growth Through Innovation

Discover Innovative Solutions to Sustain Growth

Previously named: Driving Organic Top-Line Growth

Do you need to innovate quickly to stay ahead of competitors? Overcome organizational barriers to innovation? Leverage customer insight for marketplace advantage? Create a commercialization machine for sustainable growth? This results-focused program equips you with the tools and methodologies needed to build sustainable growth engines - even in times of turbulence and unpredictability.
Guided by our faculty of seasoned practitioners and innovation thought leaders, you’ll gain practical insight from examples of innovation in companies with demonstrated records of growth. You’ll deepen your learning experience by creating a customized Growth Initiative Journal focused on a real-life business challenge. You’ll develop solutions you can deploy immediately in your own company.

Growth and Innovation Week

Participants may combine this program with Creating and Leading a Culture of Innovation to participate in the Growth and Innovation Week. When taken consecutively, these programs are offered at a discount. Combining the programs provides leaders with the framework to capitalize on opportunities for innovation and growth in their companies.

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Upcoming Sessions

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    September 28-30, 2016
    Fee includes lodging and most meals
  1. Executives who lead and manage growth in medium to large companies
  2. Division presidents, vice presidents, directors and executives in business development, marketing, technology, R&D, operations and strategic planning
In this program, you will learn to:
  1. Recognize the potential pitfalls and stumbling blocks to growth and use a time-tested process to overcome them
  2. Design innovative business initiatives that foster growth
  3. Actively manage business risks in implementing new ideas and initiatives
  4. Expand opportunities for creating and securing value
  5. Manage your growth portfolio effectively
  6. Institutionalize your company’s growth engine

Market-Driven Growth Framework

  1. Gain a holistic view of what it takes to grow, starting with the critical role of leadership
  2. Manage the intricacies of organic growth effectively

Innovative Business Design

  1. Gain customer insights and use them effectively
  2. Develop winning value propositions

Optimize Value Capture

  1. Manage intellectual capital to dramatically enhance value capture
  2. Create and deploy intellectual property strategies early

Innovation Radar

  1. Understand the full landscape of growth opportunities
  2. Use a systematic approach to bring new initiatives to market

The Commercialization Engine

  1. Manage and mitigate business risk in growth initiatives
  2. Learn essential tools for the differential management of growth initiatives

Managing a Portfolio for Growth

  1. Match your resource allocations to your corporate goals
  2. Make tough portfolio decisions

Institutionalize Market-Driven Growth

  1. Put the growth process into action at your company
  2. Ensure its consistent application over time

Growth Initiative Journal

  1. The faculty encourages each participant to bring an example of a priority growth initiative at his or her company to create a Growth Initiative Journal. Faculty members will critique these during and after the program.

Combined Program Option

  1. Take both programs — Driving Organic Growth through Innovation plus Creating and Leading a Culture of Innovation — consecutively as part of Growth and Innovation Week and qualify for a discounted fee.
Robert A. Cooper - Academic Director; Adjunct Lecturer of Executive Programs

James Gerard Conley - Clinical Professor of Technology

Mohanbir Sawhney - McCormick Foundation Chair of Technology; Clinical Professor of Marketing; Director of the Center for Research in Technology & Innovation

Robert Wolcott - Clinical Professor of Innovation & Entrepreneurship; Co-Founder and Executive Director, Kellogg Innovation Network

What Past Participants Say

  • "A practical, grounded program with tools and concepts developed in commercial environments that are readily adaptable and applicable to business issues in our increasingly competitive environment."
    - Vice President, McDonald's Corporation
  • “This was an excellent program that married the rich experience of a world class practitioner with the intellectual power of top notch academics. A winning combination.”
    - Partner, RPOptions Management Consultants
  • “This class helped create a process by which to identify, prioritize, develop and grow new business opportunities in a way more likely to integrate into my company.”
    - GM & DVP, Automatic Data Processing
  • "Solid, market-tested methodology that fits the challenges found in many industries and situations."
    - Vice President of Operations, Gateway Foundation
  • "The program exceeded my expectations - the instructors magically blended advanced concepts and theory with down-to-earth, practical methods and case studies."
    - Chief Enterprise Architect, Blue Cross Blue Shield Association

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