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Creating and Leading a Culture of Innovation

Cultivate a Leading Edge Organization

Professor Tom Kuzmarski

Many companies focus on streamlining and cost cutting to achieve short-term earnings growth. Winning managers, on the other hand, know the critical role that innovation plays in their organization’s success and aggressively seek ways to create value by launching new products and services, entering new markets or rethinking key processes.
This intensive program challenges you to take a candid look at your personal leadership style, values, and impact. With guidance from our expert faculty, you’ll explore ways to instill an innovation mindset and culture within your organization and constantly improve how you relate to, interact with and inspire your people.

Growth and Innovation Week

You may combine this program with Driving Organic Growth  to participate in the Growth and Innovation Week. When taken consecutively, these programs are offered at a discount. Combining the programs provides leaders with tools to harness the power of innovation to grow their organization.

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Upcoming Sessions

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    September 25-27, 2016
    Fee includes lodging and most meals
  1. Executives who initiate, drive and lead innovation strategies in their organizations
  2. Senior executives, division presidents, vice presidents and directors who are ready to challenge traditional approaches to innovation
  3. Multiple participants from the same organization who share innovating responsibilities
  1. Create your personal innovation leadership plan
  2. Learn to lead the creation of an innovative culture within your organization and empower your employees to sustain it
  3. Recognize the innovation-related needs of your employees and help them solve problems in creative ways
  4. Acquire tools and techniques for effectively leading and motivating innovators

Creating an Innovative Culture

  1. Identify key examples of leadership styles that foster innovation
  2. Secure management commitment to create an innovative culture
  3. Know when, how and why to reward risk and failure as well as success

Discovering the Leader Within

  1. Define your current values framework and leadership approach
  2. Develop your leadership profile and uncover your hidden challenges
  3. Create your personal leadership vision statement and plan

Servant Leadership

  1. Evaluate the benefits of shared leadership
  2. Empower and motivate others

Values-based Leadership

  1. Discover the values of effective leaders
  2. Learn to rejuvenate your workplace

Service Organizations

  1. Develop a people-oriented culture
  2. Inspire the front line
  3. Create the ultimate customer experience

Technology Leadership

  1. Make smart investments in new technology innovation
  2. Activate an innovation leadership strategy that goes beyond high-tech and R&D

Leading Innovation

  1. Create a high-impact culture that will accelerate growth
  2. Develop innovation leadership for diverse and global human capital

Combined Program Option: Growth and Innovation Week

This dynamic series expands your perspective on the opportunities that innovation creates and gives you a practical framework for capitalizing on them to drive sustainable growth. Take both programs — Creating and Leading a Culture of innovation plus Driving Organic Growth through Innovation — consecutively as part of Growth and Innovation Week and qualify for a discounted fee.
Thomas D. Kuczmarski - Academic Director; Adjunct Lecturer of Executive Programs; Academic Director for CRTI Executive Programs

Diane Dahl - Founder and President, The Hartell Group Inc.

Susan Smith Kuczmarski - Leadership Expert and Social Scientist

Mohanbir Sawhney - McCormick Foundation Chair of Technology; Clinical Professor of Marketing; Director of the Center for Research in Technology & Innovation

Mary Ellen Weber - Former Astronaut and Managing Director Stellar Strategies, LLC.

What Past Participants Say

  • "A compact, but incredibly valuable course in one of the most challenging issues for organizations today. I would highly recommend this course."
    - SVP, Strategic Marketing & Business Development, Lonely Planet
  • "A must for all companies looking to grow."
    - Manager, Strategic Development, Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Massachusetts
  • "If you want thought-provoking ideas on innovation, Kellogg is the place to come."
    - Deputy General Manager, State Bank of India
  • "Excellent program! I came away brimming with ideas on how we can develop a culture of innovation at my organization."
    - VP of Growth Services, LA DOTD Federal Credit Union
  • "Kellogg, as usual, continues to exceed expectations. This program provides guidance for developing innovation within an organization as well as a "check up" assessment for companies that have started the process."
    - President & COO, Gold Eagle
  • "Attending this program provided me with two opportunities: it validated that I was thinking in the right direction about the concept of innovation and its importance, and it allowed me to work with my peers (who attended with me) to develop a game plan during our two hour trip home."
    - Director, Enterprise Internet Services, State Farm
  • "With a renewed commitment to innovation, this course has provided me with the necessary tools and inspiration to create a new "normal" in the organizations where I have an impact."
    - Corporate Affairs Director, Home Box Office

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