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The Customer Focused Organization: Leadership, Strategy, and Implementation

Manage the Total Customer Experience

Previously named The Customer-Focused Organization: Critical Steps in Achieving and Sustaining Focus

Lisa Fortini-CampbellOrganizations focused on their customers consistently outperform their competition. These companies carefully segment their customers, develop a specific value offering for target customers and deliver an outstanding customer experience. In these organizations, everyone — regardless of position or function — knows what the customer strategy means for his or her job and makes decisions consistent with this strategy.

But how do you transform a company into a customer-focused organization when you’re fixated on keeping machines running efficiently or making sure everyone complies with previously successful policies and practices? This program will develop the steps you should take, beginning with defining the customer-focus end-state, developing a marketing strategy and designing the organization to implement the strategy.

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    November 14-17, 2016
    Fee includes lodging and most meals
  1. Executives responsible for initiating or enhancing a company’s focus on markets and customers
  2. Key players in the development and implementation of such initiatives
  3. Senior marketing managers, sales managers and directors of strategic planning
  4. Customer experience and perception management leaders
During this program, you will:
  1. Communicate what “customer-focus” means for your company and how to achieve it
  2. Ensure that every employee — regardless of position or function — delivers outstanding customer experience
  3. Understand how customers experience products and services, and how that affects retention, brand perception and competitive advantage
  4. Understand the issues involved in leading the change to customer focus

The Leader’s Customer-Focused Agenda

  1. Establishing and executing a customer-focused vision, mission, values and method
  2. Leading and managing the change to customer focus
  3. Using the customer to inspire employees to change

The Nature of a Truly Customer-Focused Organization

  1. Aligning the structure, information systems, culture, incentives and human resource policies/practices with the target customer value proposition
  2. Making the target customer the focus of every decision
  3. Evaluating the progress toward customer focus

The Customer Experience

  1. Understanding how the customer experience affects the competitive value of a brand
  2. Assessing specific strengths and weaknesses of the customer experience
  3. Identifying opportunities for improvement and innovation

Implementing a Customer-Focused Strategy

  1. Effective segmentation, targeting and positioning
  2. Selecting customers to whom the organization can deliver a valued experience
  3. Codeveloping the value offering with the customer
Robert Dewar - Academic Director; Associate Professor of Management & Organizations

Lisa A Fortini-Campbell - Academic Director; Adjunct Professor of Executive Education

Gregory Carpenter - James Farley/Booz Allen Hamilton Professor of Marketing Strategy; Director of the Center for Market Leadership; Faculty Director, Kellogg Markets and Customers Initiative (KMCI)

What Past Participants Say

  • "Excellent blueprint for driving strategic and organizational change to implement a market-focused culture."
    - VP of Marketing, Business Markets, Sprint
  • "Dynamic program that offers many options to create a market-focused organization across all levels of your company."
    - Director of Market Development, Aventis Behring
  • "Focused and practical. I can apply the learning immediately."
    - Business Development Manager, John Deere Construction and Forestry Division

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