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21st Century Management

Designing and Leading Powerful Organizations

To build a sustainable enterprise in our diverse, increasingly complex world, today’s leaders must invest in collaboration, creating cohesion and unity across the organization. They must engage and motivate, leveraging resources and managing change to drive performance. These are the skills that spur success in the world’s ever-evolving, ever-competitive business climate.

In this program you will develop the tools to direct and coordinate your firm’s human, technical and organizational resources — leading to greater efficiencies, new strategic opportunities and tighter alignment at the management level. A team of faculty experts will lead you through an exploration of key management trends and provide strategies for customizing frameworks to meet your unique organizational demands.
Upcoming Sessions (Fee includes lodging and most meals)
Session Date Cost
October 5-10, 2014 $9,900 Apply
July 5-10, 2015 $9,900 Apply
December 6-11, 2015 $9,900 Apply

Program Materials

  1. Midlevel and senior managers with functional or general management responsibilities
  2. C-level executives with broad strategy responsibilities and an understanding of business or operational needs in a modern environment
  3. Founders and owners of mid-size organizations, particularly those connected with a larger platform player (e.g., Amazon, Facebook, Google)
  1. Learn how to lead with all your resources — human, technical and organizational — working in concert
  2. Explore how distributed teams, crowdsourcing and cross-cultural opportunities lead to broader, organization-wide considerations (e.g., building a strategic platform, creating a social business)
  3. Understand key issues that arise during organizational transformation; develop tools for managing challenges, mitigating risk and balancing priorities
  4. Learn new methods for motivating others, engaging teams and leveraging innovation and networks
  5. Benefit from a dynamic, collaborative learning environment led by leading experts from a wide range of disciplines

Leading A Powerful Organization

  1. Best practices in organizational design, finance, strategy, leadership and marketing
  2. Leading with all your resources: people, technology and practices
  3. Virtual teams, team structure and work motivation
  4. Fostering intrapreneurship

Company and Workplace Culture

  1. Identifying, defining, implementing and maintaining a robust company culture
  2. Engaging and motivating others
  3. How to conduct a motivational audit
  4. Attracting and motivating Generation Y

Opportunities In the 21st Century

  1. Modern marketing: How digital and social media effect marketing
  2. X-Cultural issues and building effective virtual teams
  3. Understanding and enabling networks in the 21st century

Fostering and Leading Innovation

  1. Identifying new opportunities for innovation
  2. The role of “open innovation”
  3. Innovation that generates economic value and has a positive community impact

Social Business and Shared Value

  1. Valuing social responsibility
  2. Designing partnerships that leverage external assets to fund, develop and execute shared value strategies
  3. Analytics and tools to track the progress and success of strategies
Holly Raider - Academic Director; Clinical Professor of Management; Managing Director of Executive Education

Noshir Contractor - Jane S. & William J. White Professor of Behavioral Sciences, McCormick School of Engineering; Professor of Management & Organizations (Courtesy)

Terri Griffith - Professor of Management, Santa Clara University Leavey School of Business

Jamie Jones - Adjunct Professor of Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Paul Leonardi - Pentair-Nugent Associate Professor of Communication Studies, School of Communication

Loren Nordgren - Associate Professor of Management & Organizations

Mohanbir Sawhney - McCormick Foundation Chair of Technology; Clinical Professor of Marketing; Director of the Center for Research in Technology & Innovation

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