Strategic Marketing Communications in Today�s Media World

One of the most challenging, exhilarating - and important - aspects of any business is its approach to marketing communications. It is hard to imagine any one aspect of business that is going through more rapid change, the result of living in a media-driven culture. The new world of marketing communications and an exploration of concrete strategies for meeting its challenges are at the core of a new executive education program at the Kellogg School. Strategic Marketing Communications in Today�s Media World will be offered May 16-20 and again on October 17-21.

The �Nanosecond Culture�
�Research shows that young people are spending an average of more than seven hours each day using media technology; and through multitasking, they are cramming in almost 11 hours of content,� said Rich Honack, Academic Director of Strategic Marketing Communications in Today�s Media World. �This presents enormous challenges and opportunities for those in the field of marketing communications, particularly online marketing.�

Honack describes the current media environment as a �nanosecond culture,� driven largely by social networks and other online media. Yet social networks build on a substructure of marketing and communications channels developed over time by earlier generations. �There are principles of integrated marketing communications that hold up regardless of the platforms on which they are used,� said Honack. �Our executive education program explores the ways in which today�s marketing communications can reflect the best of what has been learned in the past, while shaping that knowledge for the remarkable media environment of today.�

Powerful Marketing Across the Generational Divide(s)
A special feature of the program is titled �Marketing and Communications Across Generational Lines: Boomers, Gen X, Gen Y, and now Gen Z.� �Just think of the challenge of engaging four different generations, each with significant earning power, and each engaged in media in strikingly different and ever-changing ways,� said Honack. �This is an opportunity to gain perspective and talk strategy with some of the best in the field.� Those interested in this topic are invited to become a fan of Strategic Marketing Communications at Kellogg on Facebook. It is a forum for discussion of best practices, lessons and research on marketing communications and new media. Honack frequently posts relevant articles on the page which can be used to track some of the latest developments in marketing communications and new media.

Other topics in the program include:

  • Determining the ROI of new marketing strategies
  • Creating powerful integrated marketing plans
  • Messaging across the Internet, social networks, and media
  • Matching message content and product offerings to consumer motivations and needs
  • Increasing the efficacy of communications

The program is taught by senior faculty from the Kellogg School of Management, the Department of Integrated Marketing Communications of Northwestern�s Medill School of Journalism, and leading industry professionals.

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