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Leaders of nonprofit organizations face many new challenges in this increasingly competitive world. The Center for Nonprofit Management provides outstanding academic programs for nonprofit practitioners to hone their skills and to develop additional competencies to take their enterprises to even greater success.

These programs are directed at senior managers — executives who have direct impact on the goals of the organizations. Board members and trustees will also gain valuable insights. In addition to lectures and cases, instructors use problem-solving and role-playing exercises to promote group learning and they invite leading practitioners to share their experience with participants.

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    • March 14-15, 2016

    Developing High Performing People

    This program will teach participants to effectively communicate expectations, visions and values to various stakeholders. Participants will also learn how to develop and bring to life a focused people strategy, to understand emotional intelligence and the role it plays in having difficult yet effective conversations and to prepare the organization for a leadership transition.
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    • September 28-30, 2015
    • September 26-28, 2016

    Essentials of Fundraising & Marketing

    This program will give nonprofit leaders the tools necessary to effectively evaluate their fundraising and marketing efforts. Participants will learn the role of leadership in fundraising & marketing, solicitation & marketing strategies for different types of donors, the role that brand image plays in an organization and how to engage the board in fundraising & marketing efforts.
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    • January 25-28, 2016

    Faith & Leadership Week

    Today’s leaders of faith-based institutions are expected to not only spiritually inspire and engage their congregations – they are also expected to effectively manage complex organizations and skillfully lead teams of staff and volunteers. In this cutting-edge, nondenominational residential program, faith leaders will have the rare opportunity to both learn the leadership and management skills they need and apply the lessons learned directly to the challenges they face in the faith-based organizations they serve.
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    • October 21-22, 2015
    • October 26-27 2016

    Innovation in Nonprofit Organizations

    This new program will look at the concept of innovation and what that means for individual organizations and the nonprofit sector as a whole. Participants will learn about the design process and prototyping for success as well as leadership skills that are critical for environments in which experimentation, risks and failure are all critical components for successful  and future-thinking nonprofit organizations.

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    • November 16-19, 2015

    Leadership and Management in Core Facilities

    Designed for directors and managers to enhance their business and management skills, develop their leadership capacity and acquire skills to help run their facilities more effectively.
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    • May 16-17, 2016

    Leading for the Future

    This advanced program will discuss key developments in the theory and practice of effective leadership including team building, the utilization of social media, diversification of revenue streams, and enhancing service operations for nonprofit organizations.
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    • October 1-2, 2015
    • September 29-30, 2016

    Major Gift Solicitation Strategies

    This two-day program will provide both the fundamentals and processes of a successful major gift solicitation strategy as well as the opportunity for hands on training through major gift solicitation role play exercises.  Participants will explore their own leadership strengths in a highly interactive and experiential learning environment where they will apply the science of persuasion and the art of storytelling to craft a concise personal introduction which can be utilized as a piece of the major gift solicitation strategy.

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    • February 22-23, 2016

    Nonprofit Finance

    This program will help senior executives of nonprofit organizations improve their understanding of the entire financial picture of their organization. Participants will have the opportunity to better understand their financial statements, to spot financial trends, to identify areas of cost containment and to predict the implications of their management decisions.
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    • October 19-20, 2015
    • October 24-25, 2016

    Strategic Leadership

    Through lecture, exercises and interactive dialogue, participants will learn how to build on their own leadership strengths and the strengths of team members to leverage their organization for success. Participants will also discuss how leaders engage others by communicating vision, message, core purpose and story to compel others to take action.
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    • February 24-25, 2016

    Successful Fundraising Strategies

    The current fundraising environment in the nonprofit sector is more challenging than ever before. This program will help fundraising professionals better understand the current trends and learn tactics that they can employ to reinvigorate their fundraising efforts.
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    • November 2-3, 2015
    • November 7-8, 2016

    Winning Strategies

    This program will focus on three separate components that will lead to the organizational success of a nonprofit: mission, finance and strategy. Specifically, participants will learn about the link between mission and finance, how to determine the organization's competitive advantage and strategy and they will be given tools for effective strategic planning.

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