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  Kellogg's Miami campus
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Miami moving forward
The Miami campus unveils a 10,000-square-foot addition in time for Global Electives Week

Kellogg's Miami campus is bustling with energy, thanks to a state-of-the-art architectural expansion and upcoming Global Electives Week in April.

In a Feb. 3 ribbon-cutting ceremony, the Miami campus officially opened the doors to its 10,000-square-foot addition, which features an oval-shaped classroom with stadium seating, 11 study-group rooms, an expanded faculty lounge and an alumni center open to all Kellogg and Northwestern alumni.

The expansion comes at a perfect time: Next month, the campus will welcome more than 100 students from Kellogg's Global Partner Programs in Tel Aviv, Hong Kong, Toronto and Vallendar, Germany for Global Electives Week. During the six-day program, students will complete a series of rigorous electives, including Entrepreneurial Finance (taught by Professor Steven Rogers) and Family Enterprise (taught by Professors
John Ward
and Ivan Lansberg).


Executive MBA Information Sessions
Join us for a presentation, Q&A session and reception with current students and alumni from the Executive MBA Program. Register today!

Evanston Campus

April 13
May 18
June 22
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Miami Campus

April 26
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Road Sessions
Lima, Peru:  April 17
Bogota, Colombia:  April 19
Washington, D.C.:  May 8
Atlanta, GA:  May 9
London, England:  May 31
Mexico City, Mexico:  June 19
Minneapolis, MN:  June 27
Sao Paulo, Brazil:   July 17
Santiago, Chile:  July 19


Envision Kellogg

Kellogg announces new strategic direction to shape business education and thought leadership in the 21st century

On Feb. 6, the Kellogg School released Envision Kellogg, a comprehensive plan for how the school will shape business education and thought leadership for the 21st century. 

"There are times in history when transformational change becomes imperative for an organization — because the world in which that organization has thrived fundamentally changes," Kellogg Dean Sally Blount said. "Now is one of those times for Kellogg. The nature of business and how it operates in the 21st century requires that we rethink who we are and how we do what we do." 

Envision Kellogg is the result of an 18-month, 360-degree assessment that involved more than 1,000 alumni, faculty, administrators, students, corporate partners and other friends of Kellogg.

Visit to learn more. 

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Kellogg Insight

Read this month's issue of Kellogg INSIGHT
Kellogg faculty bring their latest research
emphasizing key findings.

Micahel Lee  

"As someone who advises corporate stewards and government leaders, it's important for me to understand the complexities of an ever-changing, interconnected world. So when I was considering business schools, I knew I needed a place where I could interact with professionals committed to better understanding the transforming world.

"Kellogg is exactly that place. It fosters a culture built on collaboration. And it attracts engaged faculty and students who are driven by collective innovation."

Michael Lee '12
Executive Speechwriter and Strategy Advisor
IBM, Chicago


From Colombia to China
One student shares her journey through Kellogg's experiential learning course

This month, Kellogg students from the Executive MBA Program will pack their bags and take to the skies for Global Initiatives in Management (GIM), one of the school's most popular experiential learning courses.

Founded in 1990, GIM challenges students to explore a topical international business issue through intensive classroom study, followed by two weeks of field research. Traveling in small teams to cities across the globe, students tackle research projects as wide-ranging as microfinance in South Africa; wine exporting in Chile; pharmaceuticals in India; and alternative energy in Russia.

Days before she heads to China, Rosemery Carrillo, an EMBA student from the Miami Campus, shares her enthusiasm for the GIM course — and for Kellogg's Executive MBA Program.

Tell us about yourself.

Rosemery Carrillo: I'm Colombian, and I've been working in the oil and gas industry for over 10 years. I used to work for BP Exploration, mainly in the finance discipline. Now I work for Equion Energia — which used to be BP Exploration until it was bought by new shareholders — as financial team leader for planning and performance.

Why did you decide to join Kellogg?
RC: My motivation for attending Kellogg was I wanted to take a step forward in my career development and create a great network. I truly believe that the education you receive through the Kellogg Executive MBA Program pushes your career to another level.

What inspired you to take a GIM class?
RC: It was one of my biggest motivations for joining Kellogg. GIM offers a brilliant opportunity to go to an exciting place like China, where business is flourishing, and work on an investigation project in the country. In our trip to China, we will be able to learn how business is done in Shanghai, Beijing and Hong Kong, and meet people from different companies. Every student should take advantage of this opportunity. Because to be honest, when will you have the chance again to travel abroad and have a learning experience like this: working on an interesting project and at the same time visiting an exciting new country and sharing this experience with your fellow classmates?

What business issue will your team explore in China?
RC: My group — there are six of us — is looking at cold chain logistics. One of the key issues that China is dealing with is food safety. And so we have several interviews scheduled with retailers and also with logistics companies to understand how their value chain works. We'll try to figure out what issues they're experiencing, and what opportunities a company has to initiate logistics operations in China.

What attracted you to that topic?
RC: One of the members of my GIM team is a CEO from a banana exporting company. So he had this topic in the back of his mind. In my case, I have a particular interest in logistics. And I thought this was an incredible opportunity to go to visit China, which has one of the biggest ports in the world, and understand the logistics that surround it.

What have you enjoyed most about your Kellogg experience thus far?
RC: I've enjoyed the leadership courses — the program has outstanding teachers, and they have made a big impact on me. The other thing is the network — the friends you develop. The access you have to all the resources through Kellogg's tier-one program has been amazing. The program has surpassed my expectations and that's what many of my friends have shared, too. We are all really, really enjoying it and wishing the program wouldn't end so soon. It's a one-of-a-kind learning experience.


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