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December 2009
Providing knowledge and tools to help you rise to any challenge in your organization.

The Kellogg School's newsletter about executive education - the most direct way to make an immediate impact on the practice of management.

This newsletter, published quarterly, connects you with the latest research by our faculty and special topics that focus on issues at the intersection of people and the work they do.

  Executive Briefing  

The Essence of Executive Education - When the Classroom Lesson Becomes a Practical Application

A former participant in the Kellogg Management Institute finds that a course on negotiation strategy quickly translates into the art of the deal.
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  Program Profile  

The Women's Senior Leadership Program: Helping women in senior management positions move to the highest levels

The Center for Executive Women at the Kellogg School is widely known for its programs, including the Women's Senior Leadership Program, which help women move with confidence to the highest levels of corporate leadership.
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  Insight - Kellogg School Research  

Kellogg School of Management faculty offer their latest research in an online digest emphasizing key findings that you can put to work today.

"Name-Letter Branding: How your name can influence your choices" Based on the Research of Miguel Brendl, Amitava Chattopadhyay, Brett W Pelham and Mauricio Carvallo
Most people would scoff at the idea that their names can influence their choices, especially when dealing with major decisions such as selecting a career, a home, or even a partner. This research finds that your liking for the letters of your name might spill over to objects and choices.

"Losing Touch: Power diminishes perception and perspective"
Based on the Research of Adam D. Galinsky, Joe C Magee, M. Ena Inesi and Deborah H. Gruenfeld
Why are some managers seemingly incapable of understanding their subordinates' points of view? This research reveals that high-power individuals rely too heavily on their own perspectives and show a diminished ability to correctly perceive the perspective of others.

"The Art of Persuasion"
Based on the Research of Angela Y. Lee, Punam Anand Keller and Brian Sternthal
What types of messages are most persuasive? Would you be more likely to buy a TiVo if the advertising message described it as offering freedom or if it explained how to replay sports events?


Career Corner with Professor Ellington-Booth

Question: I've signed up for an executive education program. How can I focus on the right things to make the most of my experience?
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