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September 2009
Providing knowledge and tools to help you rise to any challenge in your organization.

The Kellogg School's newsletter about executive education - the most direct way to make an immediate impact on the practice of management.

This newsletter, published quarterly, connects you with the latest research by our faculty and special topics that focus on issues at the intersection of people and the work they do.

  Executive Briefing  

When Management Goes to School - The Custom Executive Education Program

Custom programs are a highly effective way for organizations to address specific challenges. The Kellogg School works closely with client organizations to formulate clear and comprehensive strategies and tactics to address their particular issues. Professor Al Isenman discusses how a custom program is developed and the long-term value of a partnership between your organization and the Kellogg School.
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  Faculty Profile  

Tom Kuczmarski: Charting New Directions in Innovation and Leadership

Among the most popular open enrollment executive education programs in recent years have been the offerings on innovation and leadership. At the intersection of those topics is Tom Kuczmarski, who will be leading a new program this spring titled "New Leadership for an Innovative Edge" which emerges from his career on the front lines of innovation.
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  Insight - Kellogg School Research  

Kellogg School of Management faculty offer their latest research in an online digest emphasizing key findings that you can put to work today.

"Suspiciously Short: CEOs with stock options may purposely miss earnings targets"
Based on the Research of Mary Lea McAnally, Anup Srivastava and Connie D Weaver. For firms that set aside a portion of earnings to bolster future statements - a practice known as managing earnings downward - the likelihood of missing targets increased with stock-option grants.

"Super Premium Ice Cream: Merger Effects on Product Variety"
Based on the Research of Michael J. Mazzeo, Michaela Draganska And Katja Seim. The rules governing mergers can have unexpected effects on the variety of products offered by the merged firms. The unique nature of the ice cream industry offers an opportunity to explore the larger issues involved in corporate mergers and product mix. 

"Beware the Siren's Song: Maintain self-control by avoiding temptation"
Based on the research of Loran Nordgren, Joop van der Pligt and Frenk van Harreveld. When people are put to the test about their ability to resist cutting corners or to engage in unethical behavior, the results can be surprising - and disturbing. 


Career Corner with Professor Ellington-Booth

Question: I will be attending an executive education program at Kellogg. What are some things I should be doing in advance to get the most out of the time I will spend there?
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Executive Lecture Series
Tuesday, October 13, 2009
7:30-9:00 am

Professor Gregory Carpenter will lead a discussion entitled "Changing the Marketing Game."

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The Market-Focused Organization: Creating and Delivering the Customer Experience
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Driving Organic Top-Line Growth
December 1-4, 2009

Corporate Governance: Effectiveness and Accountability in the Boardroom
December 6-9, 2009

Implementing Organic Growth Strategies
December 6-9, 2009

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December 6-9, 2009

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