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July 2011  

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  Executive Briefing  

The Leadership Vacuum – Make It Your Friend

Academic Director for The Soul of Leadership and international thought leader Deepak Chopra M.D. explains how a leadership vacuum can be filled through seven primary roles.
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  Fresh Perspectives on Executive Education  

When ROI Means Return on Inaction

One of the lessons of the Great Recession is a much better focus on what to cut and what to keep. Kellogg Professor of Strategic Management Stephen Burnett says the cost of cutting management training is much more than zero.
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  Program Profile  

Accelerating Sales Force Performance - This executive leadership program examines all of the issues surrounding sales management and sales force productivity, including sizing and structuring, resource allocation across products and markets, competitive assessment, pricing, compensation systems, motivation, incentives, and performance evaluation.

View Video: Professor Andy Zoltners on the short and long term impact of sales force sizing strategies


  Insight - Kellogg School Research  

Kellogg School of Management faculty offer their latest research in an online digest emphasizing key findings that you can put to work today.

A Trusted Name: Why we trust people we do not know
Based on the Research of Li Huang and J. Keith Murnighan.
Trust is essential to successful business interactions, but it also involves risk….Given the stakes, it makes sense that trust develops gradually, allowing people time to assess the trustworthiness of others. But some decisions to trust are made swiftly, as in the case of investors who trusted Bernard Madoff, head of the largest Ponzi scheme in history. What causes us to trust someone we do not really know?
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--- Professor Murnighan also teaches these concepts and more in several of our
leadership programs

Remaining the Market Leader: The role of learning-by-doing and organizational forgetting
Based on the research of David A. Besanko, Ulrich Doraszelski, Yaroslav Kryukov and Mark Satterthwaite.
Sometimes, one company dominates an industry for an extended period of time, in spite of the best efforts of its competitors to catch up. This may seem surprising since both common sense and empirical evidence suggest that, eventually, the follower should be able to catch up. To explore this puzzle, researchers teamed together to create an economic model that studies the dynamics of a market in which firms can benefit from learning-by-doing.
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Driving Biofuel Adoption: Brazil’s consumers offer a peek at attitudes towards alt-fuels
Based on the Research of Alberto Salvo And Cristian Huse
Whether we like it or not, the vast majority of car and truck owners in the United States are captive consumers of the carbon-based liquid fuel we call gasoline…. But what exactly would consumers do if they had a choice of energy source, and if their cars were able to run the same off both?
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Career Corner with Professor Ellington-Booth

Question: I manage a customer relations team that spends a great deal of time online. One team member is clearly spending a lot of time engaged with social media. He says it makes his work more effective, but I’m not convinced. Others are noticing. How do I handle this?
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