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March 2011  

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  Executive Briefing  

Information for Competitive Advantage - Three Central Issues

An essential element of management is making decisions based upon the best possible information. We live in a world in which there are seemingly unlimited sources of information and a staggering array of tools to use in analyzing it. Kellogg Professor Michael Mazzeo says competitive advantage lies in your approach to assembling information and how you put it to work
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  Participant Profile  

Bala Janakiraman, Litle & Company, Boston MA - Bringing New Value to a Commoditized Product

It is often said that executive education is the fastest way to make a direct impact on the practice of management. Bala Janakiraman, Director of Product Management at Litle & Company in Boston took that advice seriously, with results that made a measureable difference for his firm and for his career.
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  Program Profile  

Creating and Managing Strategic Alliances - This executive leadership program prepares executives to more fully understand the costs and benefits of strategic alliances and why such alliances may be preferred to other corporate strategies, such as internal development or mergers and acquisitions.

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  Insight - Kellogg School Research  

Kellogg School of Management faculty offer their latest research in an online digest emphasizing key findings that you can put to work today.

From Web Visits to Firm Orders: Analyzing web visitor click data to streamline sales efforts
Based on the Research of Tingliang Huang and Jan A. Van Mieghem
Most firms use their websites as sources of information for customers who then make purchases in the old-fashioned way - offline, through sales forces and agents. Those vendors lack the detailed information that customers leave on e-commerce firms' sites. Nevertheless, visitors to their non-transactional websites leave useful data that can yield important market information.

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Shareholders vs. Management: Split Decision--Shareholders should usually—but not always—control decisions
Based on the Research of Artur Raviv and Milton Harris
It isn't easy going green. Although companies like Bank of America, General Electric, and Hewlett Packard have shown that it is possible to lessen their footprint on the earth without going broke, making sustainability a reality in large corporations remains nontrivial.
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Do Anti-drinking Ads Work?--Guilt-inducing public service announcements can backfire
Based on the Research of Nidhi Agrawal and Adam Duhachek
You have seen the public service announcements - messages like "don't drink and drive" or "avoid the embarrassment of a DUI arrest." Research suggests that the advertising messages may do little to combat drunk driving, and may even encourage the behavior they seek to curb.
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Career Corner with Professor Ellington-Booth

Question: I am a mid-level manager. A member of my team came to me with an idea for improving one of our processes. What is the right way to carry that idea forward?
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Executive Lecture Series
Thursday, March 31, 2011
7:30-9:30 am

Professor Michael Mazzeo will discuss
"Information Strategies for Competitive Advantage"


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