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March 2010
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The Kellogg School's newsletter about executive education - the most direct way to make an immediate impact on the practice of management.

This newsletter, published quarterly, connects you with the latest research by our faculty and special topics that focus on issues at the intersection of people and the work they do.

  Executive Briefing  

Open Enrollment Vs. Custom Programs: A Question of Need, not Fashion

In recent years, the field of executive education has experienced almost explosive growth in custom programs - those designed for a single client. Does this mean that the traditional open enrollment program has lost its place? Professor Stephen Burnett, Associate Dean of Executive Education at the Kellogg School, says careful consideration of both learning models is a useful exercise for managers.
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  Program Profile  

Strategic Marketing Communications in Today’s Media World

Those responsible for marketing communications face unprecedented challenges in a media-driven, online marketing culture. Strategic Marketing Communications in Today's Media World explores strategies for successfully engaging a "nanosecond" media world.
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  Conversations with Kellogg turns to the Kellogg School faculty for a regular feature, "Conversations with Kellogg."

Enjoy the management lessons that can be found in the top business news stories of the day.
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  Insight - Kellogg School Research  

Kellogg School of Management faculty offer their latest research in an online digest emphasizing key findings that you can put to work today.

"Trusting the Stock Market: Impressions influence investors decisions"
Based on the Research of Luigi Guiso, Paola Sapienza And Luigi Zingales
Trust is an essential part of any investment. People who lack trust in markets may view stock investments the way they would a three-card game played on the street and decide to put their money elsewhere. This research, selected as one of the foremost papers of 2009 by The Journal of Finance, explores the link between trust and the stock market.

"Consistent Contributors: Putting the team first helps solve the 'cooperation problem' "
Based on the Research of Mark Weber And J. Keith Murnighan
All groups need cooperation to survive. Yet an age-old problem arises when some of a group’s members cooperate less than others, mooching off the other’s contributions. This research explores how groups cooperate, what causes people to sacrifice their own interests for a larger goal, and why some groups cooperate more than others.


Career Corner with Professor Ellington-Booth

Question: I am a middle manager at a firm that has gone through a series of downsizings. There are signs that the business climate is improving, but there may well be more staff cuts to come - me included! Do you have thoughts about how to sustain staff morale and productivity in a situation like this?
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Executive Lecture Series
Thursday, June 17, 2010
7:30-9:30 am

Professor Janice Eberly will discuss
"How to Recover from a Financial Crisis"


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