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September 2012
Kellogg School Professor J. Keith Murnighan   EXECUTIVE BRIEFING

Do Less, Achieve More

The natural tendency of a leader is to take action. Kellogg School Professor J. Keith Murnighan says too many leaders fall victim to what he calls "the curse of overmanaging." An important strategy for managers is to fight the tendency to do too much, both in thought and action, he says.

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Kellogg School Professor Daniel Diermeier  

Reputation Management:
The Trust Reservoir Is Empty

The news of the day brings a stream of stories about well-known companies running into problems that put their reputations at risk. Kellogg School Professor Daniel Diermeier, an international authority on reputation management, says trust in corporations has eroded, leading to a new set of challenges for corporate leaders.

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Brenda Ellington Booth  

With Brenda Ellington-Booth, Clinical Professor of Management and Organizations and Director of the Kellogg Leadership Coaching Program

Question: I've just been promoted to a management position, and two members of my team are older than my parents! Can you give me some guidance about managing seniors?

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Accelerating Sales Force Performance

Professor Andris Zoltners

The Short Course: Professor Andris Zoltners discusses the short and long term impact of sales force sizing strategies.

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Insight is the Kellogg School's latest faculty research that you can put to work today.

Is There a Female Leadership Style? Data Suggests the Answer Is "Yes"
Based on the research of David A. Matsa and Amalia R. Miller

Housing's Albatross: Negative Equity Weighs on the Market
Based on the research of Brian Melzer

Mastering Motivation: Finding a Better Way to Work toward Your Goals
Based on the research of Andrea Bonezzi, Miguel Brendl and Matteo De Angelis

Kellogg Insight

Advanced Executive Program
October 21 – November 16
Executive Development Program
October 14 – November 2
Successful Corporate Renewal
October 7-10
The Customer-Focused Organization
November 4-8
Strategic Marketing Communications In Today's Media World
November 4-8
The Soul of Leadership
February 11-13, 2013
Constructive Collaboration: Driving Performance In Teams, Organizations and Partnerships
February 25-28, 2013
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