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Celebration was the order of the day on December 10, 2011, as 116 Executive MBA students from the Evanston and Miami campuses accepted their well-deserved Kellogg MBA diplomas in Alice Millar Chapel on Northwestern's Evanston campus. Presiding over this celebration of success was one of the Executive MBA Program's own graduates: Secretary Gloria Guevara (EMP 75), Minister of Tourism for Mexico and a 2009 Miami campus alumna.

That same weekend, a new class of EMBA students shared the excitement of orientation, meeting their cohorts and beginning their two-year Kellogg experience together on the Evanston campus just as their peers on the Miami campus had done a week earlier.

Changing the world for the better

Quintessentially Kellogg, a team of EMBA students (EMP 85) will climb Mt. Kilimanjaro, Africa's highest peak, as part of Climb Kili 4 Kids, an awareness and fundraising event in support of children's health care, education and child rights and protection worldwide. Other EMBA students across campuses and cohorts have also joined forces to support construction of new housing for the Awassa Children's Project, an organization in Ethiopia that provides shelter, education, vocational training and health care to children, most of whom have been orphaned by AIDS.

New 2012 viewbook coming soon

Watch your email for your personal copy of the soon-to-be-released Kellogg Executive MBA Program viewbook for 2012. Applications are now being accepted for classes starting in September on both Evanston and Miami campuses. We would love to have you come for a campus visit.

Executive MBA Information Sessions
Join us for a presentation, Q&A session and reception with current students and alumni from the Executive MBA Program. Register today!
Evanston Campus

January 13
February 10
March 9
April 13

Miami Campus

January 12
February 9
March 8
April 26

Road Sessions

January 24: Seattle
January 25: Denver
February 7: San Francisco
February 8: Los Angeles
February 21: Houston
February 22: Austin
February 23: Dallas
March 6: Philadelphia


Growth spurt in the Sunshine State. New fall cohort in Miami.

For the second time in less than five years, Kellogg has enlarged its Coral Gables, Florida, campus to meet the rising demand for the Miami Executive MBA Program. Included in the 10,000 square-foot expansion are a new third classroom, oval shaped with stadium seating; 11 study-group rooms, for a total of 30; an expanded faculty lounge and an alumni center.

"This expansion is a tangible testament of the success of our operation," said Carolina Piña, Director of the Miami campus. Kellogg is the only top business school with a presence in the southeastern United States. About 30 percent of all Miami students travel from outside the U.S. to attend the program. Many of these international students hail from Peru, Colombia and Chile, and some travel from as far as the United Kingdom.

Students travel to Miami once a month for classroom sessions, in-person tutorials and group study projects. All Miami students also attend four intensive “Live-In” weeks over the course of two years and participate in a variety of other events, including Global Electives Week to interact with students worldwide.  Classes now begin in both January and September.

Mina Foroohar  

“I couldn't be more pleased with Kellogg's Executive MBA program. My field is very self-specialized, so Kellogg's emphasis on collaboration is very refreshing . . . I've already learned so much from my classmates.

"I'm currently talking with classmates about business ideas that combine technology and medicine. If I were to pursue something entrepreneurial, I'd pursue it with someone from Kellogg. We know the work ethic, skills and talents it takes to make it happen.”

Mina Foroohar '12
Northwest Neurosurgery Institute


Kellogg Close Up
Think Bravely. Our legacy and our challenge.

The past year has been one of exciting change and meaningful promise as the Kellogg School of Management resets its trajectory for the 21st century under the leadership of Dean Sally Blount. Her energy and drive have been felt throughout Kellogg's global community. A reorganization of the school's senior management team and a decision to invest in a new building — and the early success of fund-raising efforts — are but two of the signature achievements of her first year as dean.

The global Kellogg community has also been inspired by the launch of a new brand campaign, anchored by the provocative tagline, "Think Bravely." Noting that this is much more than a phrase, Dean Blount recently commented:

"Think Bravely" speaks to a great legacy, a great future and a great community…. I have come to understand that in business, thinking bravely means that you are willing to overcome the status quo and take a stand on something in an unexpected way. Thinking bravely is about personal clarity, public conviction and accepting the vulnerability that comes with that. It's having the courage to forge truly meaningful partnerships with others, incorporate their perspectives and make the hard decisions that not only move organizations forward, but help solve the tough problems facing society.

All Kellogg marketing communications, including the soon-to-be-released Executive MBA Program viewbook, are infused with the "Think Bravely" messages. The full campaign emerged from a months-long process that engaged the Kellogg School's Marketing and Communications group, members of Kellogg's world-class Marketing Department and alumni experts in marketing practice.


Featuring the latest research by Kellogg faculty members, this online digest emphasizes key findings that you can put to work in your own career. Some highlights from the most recent issue include:

"When Uncertainty is a Sure Thing" — Points and prizes can make for successful product promotion.

"Navigating Culture in Negotiations" — Bargaining style can affect outcomes.

"Paying a Premium on Your Premium" — Effects of consolidation in the health insurance industry.

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