Kellogg Corps

Kellogg Corps

Alan Becker ‘06, Pita Fiber Stripping with the Kallari Association in Ecuador, Summer 2006

Kellogg Corps’ mission is to make opportunities available for second year students to volunteer their time and energy in bringing business skills and management expertise to non-profit organizations in developing countries throughout the world.

The group’s key goals are:

1) To encourage recent Kellogg School graduates to take part in an international volunteer experience

2) To provide non-governmental organizations and non-profit enterprises with skills and services that can make an impact and which they could not otherwise afford

3) To increase awareness throughout the world of the Kellogg School’s role in promoting global citizenship through community development


Kellogg Corps was founded in 1996 by four second year students who initiated five service projects in the U.S. and abroad. So far, Kellogg Corps has sent 230 Kellogg School volunteers to close to 30 developing countries.

Example Project

In 2005, Kellogg Corps sent a team of five to Tibet to work with Kham Aid on creating a business plan on Tibetan handicraft. The volunteers on this project were Brandon Davito '05, Cherie Yu '05, Kameron Rezai '05, Liz Henning '05 and Rachael Lester '05. The Kham Aid Foundation was founded in 1997 by Pamela Logan to support conservation of Tibet's architecture and art.

Presentation One (PowerPoint 1.79 MB)
Where the team went, what they did, what they got out of the experience and things for future Kellogg Corps volunteers to keep in mind. This was presented by the 2005 Kham Aid team to the class of 2006 in the fall before trip selection.

Presentation Two (PDF 678 KB)
The final assessment as presented by the Kellogg Corps team to Kham Aid, summarizing their work.

For more information, please visit the Kellogg Corps Web site.