The Carol and Larry Levy Social Entrepreneurship Lab

A student from the NUvention Impact class speaks with a farmer in rural India about his need for lighting.Photo @ Joey Fraier 

Mission Statement

Kellogg is committed to developing socially responsible leaders who can recognize and link profit objectives with social impact opportunities. The mission of the Levy Social Entrepreneurship Lab at the Kellogg School is to inspire students to leverage best business practices in the service of positive, sustainable social impact across all sectors of leadership including the non-profit, public and for-profit sectors. The Social Entrepreneurship Lab will provide opportunities in the area of social entrepreneurship and create an environment in which students’ ideas and initiatives can take shape and flourish. The experiential nature of the Lab’s offering will complement the Social Enterprise academic aspects and raise the visibility of the Kellogg School in the area of social entrepreneurship. For more information, contact the Kellogg Innovation & Entrepreneurship Initiative at