Featured Alumni Christine Payne

October 2007


Christine Payne '90
Waldorf School of Louisville

What drew you to courses relating to CSR, social responsibility or nonprofit management?

My career had been in the public sector prior to attending Kellogg, and I was interested in the public and nonprofit management courses because they seemed like a natural fit for my future professional interests.

What attracted you to the Public Non Profit (PNP) Club, Students for Responsible Business (SRB) Club or Social Impact Club (SIC)?

Those clubs didn't exist during my tenure but I'm very glad to see that they enjoy such success now. I participated in Business with a Heart.

What value did you get from your experiences in courses relating to CSR, social responsibility or nonprofit management at Kellogg?

There weren't very many courses at the time, but Don Haider facilitated my summer internship at a corporate foundation and was very helpful in guiding me during my years at Kellogg. I learned a lot from fellow classmates (of course) and in his classes.

How have those experiences been helpful to you in your daily life, both professionally and personally?

Except for a short stint in the private sector, my 15+ year career since graduation has been focused on the nonprofit arena. The skills that I acquired at Kellogg have helped me to be a better board member and employee, as well as bringing the nonprofits with which I have been associated to a more professional level.

What is the name of your current organization, and what does your organization do?

The Waldorf School of Louisville is a birth through 5th grade educational institution.

Please briefly describe your position or role at your organization.

I am the first director and just began this job a week ago!

How are you applying the skills/knowledge you learned at Kellogg in your career?

After working as a consultant in Chicago, we moved to Louisville where I spent a number of years in the development and strategic planning field. Most recently I had my own fundraising consulting firm for a number of years.