Featured Alumni Jim Palos

October 2007

Jim Palos

Jim Palos '89
President and Founder
Institute for Media and Entertainment

What drew you to courses relating to CSR, social responsibility or nonprofit management?

Growing up I benefitted substantially from social service programs, particularly those seeking to help inner city youth (I grew up on the west side of Chicago). I had volunteered for social service programs before enrolling at Kellogg and knew that I would continue my involvement post-Kellogg. So I saw the coursework at Kellogg was an opportunity to get smart about an industry about which I cared and with which I knew I would be involved.

What attracted you to the Public Non Profit (PNP) Club, Students for Responsible Business (SRB) Club or Social Impact Club (SIC)?

I got involved with PNP to bond with like-minded people.

What value did you get from your experiences in courses relating nonprofit management at Kellogg?

The PNP-related coursework helped me to view nonprofit work in the context of professional management of an enterprise. Don Haider's classes also had a healthy dose of realism, adding street-smarts to the book-smarts we were getting in other classes.

How have those experiences been helpful to you in your daily life, both professionally and personally?

The Kellogg coursework has been helpful at both the professional and the personal level. Professionally, I operate day-to-day according to the vision of an executive that I developed at Kellogg: someone who works hard to play chess (giving mind to the strategic issues that are important for the long-term success of the operation) while also playing hockey (keeping up with the zoom zoom pace of everyday). On a more personal level, I have sought to reproduce the Kellogg culture wherever I have worked. This means an environment that is quietly confident, optimistic, team-oriented, fun and serious about success.

What is the name of your current organization, and what does your organization do?

I am the president and founder of the Institute for Media and Entertainment. IME provides management education for executives in the media and entertainment industries. The Institute recognizes that media has a social dimension and seeks to impart this understanding to participants in its programs.

How are you applying the skills/knowledge you learned at Kellogg in your career?

Kellogg helped give me the confidence I've needed to launch IME. Its alumni network has been a terrific resource in the Institute's founding period. Even more, the faculty and staff of Kellogg have been constant advisers and collaborators in getting IME established — I've experienced the "Team Kellogg" ethos in a way that few others have.