Featured Alumni Emily McLellan

December 2007


Emily McLellan '04
President and Founder
Springboard Career Consultants

What drew you to courses relating to CSR, social responsibility or nonprofit management?

My interest in the business of education drew me to courses on social responsibility and non-profit management. Before going to Kellogg, I worked at a company, Edison Schools, which was a for-profit manager of public schools. I was and continue to be fascinated by the application of for-profit strategies in the non-profit and public sectors.

What attracted you to student clubs related to social responsibility?

I was actually most active in the Education Club because of my specific focus on the education industry and post-Kellogg employment opportunities in the field of education.

What value did you get from your experiences with the SEEK Program, or in courses relating to CSR, social responsibility or nonprofit management at Kellogg?

I developed a stronger appreciation for the fact that although organizations must commit to a primary bottom line, either social or financial, they can still achieve results on both fronts.

How have those experiences been helpful to you in your daily life, both professionally and personally?

My experience at Kellogg helped me decide to pursue my long-term interest in working in the education field but in a for-profit context. Since graduating, I have had great experience developing and marketing socially responsible products (education based) in organizations that have the strong financial discipline and ambitious, market-driven growth objectives of 100% for-profit entities.

What is the name of your current organization, and what does your organization do?

Springboard Career Consultants is a company that I started two years ago. Springboard provides career guidance to undergraduate students and recent graduates. Our mission is to empower young adults to identify their professional competitive advantages and launch successful careers.

Please briefly describe your position or role at your organization.

I am the President and Founder.

How are you applying the skills/knowledge you learned at Kellogg in your career?

In launching a new business, I have drawn heavily on the skills and knowledge I learned at Kellogg, specifically in developing a viable business plan, coming up with and implementing marketing strategies, managing employees, and investing in growth opportunities.