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 Fresh Coast Capital

4/4/2014 - The team of Fresh Coast Capital, consisting of four Kellogg part-time students, Nathen Holub, Nicole Chavas, Laura Brenner Kimes, and April Mendez, won first place at the 2014 Morgan Stanley Sustainable Investing Challenge. Read about their idea of revitalizing brownfields here.


5/5/2014 - Five graduating students and four alumni have been named to the inaugural class of Youn Impact Scholars, a new program designed to empower and support members of the Kellogg community engaged in social innovation. 

3/22/2014 - Three Kellogg students, Cindy Ye, Jennifer Wittig, and Zoila Jennings, won the Best Investment and Best Impact awards at the MBA Impact Investing Network & Training (MIINT) at the Wharton School. The team presented Jail Education Solutions (JES), an early stage social enterprise that provides educational content for inmates through tablet technology.

10/4/2013 - A $6 million gift from Northwestern University alumnus and trustee Christopher Combe and his wife, Courtney Combe, will be used to enhance Kellogg's focus on social entrepreneurship and sustainable solutions to global problems.  Read about it here.

8/21/2013 - Kellogg students participated in a three-day event focusing on social impact and entrepreneurship.  Read about the inaugural Social Innovation & Entrepreneurship Inspiration (SIEI) Days.

2/15/2013 - Two of twenty-four newly named Schwab Foundation Social Entrepreneurs of the Year for 2013 are Kellogg alumni!  Congratulations to Njideka U. Harry, Youth for Technology Foundation, and Andrew Youn, One Acre Fund.  Winners of this award are selected in recognition of their innovative approaches and potential for global impact.

11/15/2012 - "Northwestern's Impact Investing Courses Prepare Students For A Different Kind Of Career"  In the Huffington Post, Jamie Jones discusses impact investing at Kellogg as well as the International Impact Investing Challenge.

10/30/2012 - "Will This Work in the Real World?"  Read about several Kellogg students' involvement with various experiential learning courses offered at Kellogg.

10/30/2012 - Twenty years ago, Jim Schorr, '94, founded the Kellogg chapter of the Net Impact Club and attended Net Impact's founding conference (then called Students for Responsible Business).  Read here about Kellogg's role as a leader in impact.

10/22/2012 - Congratulations to Earnest Sweat, '13, for having been named an RSF Regional Social Impact Fellow.  This fellowship is designed to support the development of the next generation of inspiring leaders in the social finance field.  Read more here.

6/25/2012 - The mission of the Levy Social Entrepreneurship Lab is to inspire students to leverage best business practices in the service of positive, sustainable social impact across all sectors of leadership including the non-profit, public and for-profit sectors.  We are featuring recent Kellogg graduates who are making a difference with their new ventures here, including Saloni Doshi and Chelsea Katz, both ’12, who have won the first-ever $80,000 Kellogg Social Entrepreneurship Award. Their venture, Fresh Takes Kitchen, will help provide low-income families with healthy meals. Read more about Fresh Takes Kitchen here.

6/15/2012 - Read about the work a team of Kellogg and Northwestern students did as part of Jamie Jones' Innovate for Impact class.  The students worked on ways to reduce food waste, which is a significant problem in Brazil.  Read the full article here.

5/31/2012 - In his article in The Atlantic, David Bank, vice president of Civic Ventures, writes about this year's International Impact Investing Challenge and about the progress that impact investing is making in the world of high finance.  Read the entire article here.

5/9/2012 - In this week's episode of Socially Conscious Investing, Robin Eschler of Social Impact Marketing talks to Jamie Jones about this year's International Impact Investing Challenge, as well as the vision for future I3C's.  Listen and learn about the extension of the electrical grid to remote islands in Indonesia, improving food storage to dramatically reduce food waste in India, and making a philanthropic enterprise in India that trains people for jobs sustainable through a new business model.

4/26/2012 - In her remarks at the Global Impact Economy Forum, Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton talked about Kellogg and the International Impact Investing Challenge, as well as Sachpreet Chandhoke and the Grain Depot Fund.  The Grain Depot Fund is a good example, she said, of how we do not need to choose between "doing well and doing good".   You can read the full text of Secretary Clinton's remarks here.