Waiver Information

Full time students interested in waiving OPNS 430 may register for the OPNS 430 waiver examination. Subsequently, OPNS 430 may be waived based on the successful passage of the waiver exam, which is administered in the Fall.

Obtaining a Waiver

Waivers for OPNS 430 are available by exam.

  • Three-hour, in-person exam.
  • Can use a calculator, laptop, and any textbook but NO internet access.
  • Performance on the exam will determine whether a partial, full, or no waiver is received.
  • Registration occurs through KelloggGroups
Relevant files:
OPNS 430 uses the text book Managing Business Process Flows: Principles of Operations Management (MBPF) and the syllabus contains recommended exercises. Solutions to textbook exercises are available upon request.