Below is the list of students currently enrolled in the Doctoral Program with a focus in Management and Organizations:
The students denoted by an asterisk (*) are enrolled in the Joint Doctoral Program with a focus in Management and Organizations and Sociology.

Student                                               Contact                                                                                 Faculty Advisers                                                                                                                  
First Year 
 Dylan Boynton  
 Kyle Dobson  
 Shelby Gai  
 Jessica Nelson  
Second Year
 *Grace Augustine  
 Andrea Dittmann  
 Kaylene Fellows  
 Daniel Milner  
 Shane Schweitzer  
 Yuan Tian  
Third Year
Kartikeya Bajpai   
Kevin Gaughan  
Seok-Hyun "Stephen" Hwang  
*Saheli Nath  
 Fourth Year
 Julia Hur     
 *Nevena Radoynovska  
Fifth Year and Above 
 *Vontrese Deeds       Mary Pattillo, Klaus Weber & Brayden King 
 Michael Mauskapf  William Ocasio, Klaus Weber, Brian Uzzi & Brayden King
 Rachel Ruttan  Loran Nordgren, Adam Waytz & Adam Galinsky
 Charleen Case   
 *Justin Louie  Klaus Weber, Wendy Griswold & Wendy Espeland
 Hetal Patel  Katherine Phillips & Klaus Weber
 'Luke' Seung-Hyun Rhee  William Ocasio, Paul Leonardi & Ithai Stern
 Wooseok Jung    Klaus Weber, Brayden King & Brian Uzzi
 Sookyoung Lee  Brayden King & Ed Zajac