The following Management and Organizations Department faculty members teach in the PhD Program:

MORS Faculty Advising Doctoral Students

Jeanne M. Brett 
DeWitt W. Buchanan Jr. Distinguished Professor of Dispute Resolution and Organizations, Director of the Dispute Resolution Research Center. Research: Dispute resolution, negotiation, cross-cultural negotiation, work and family, gender and management, employee relocation.

Sally BlountDean, Kellogg School of Management, Michael L. Nemmers Professor of Management and Organizations.

Robert Dewar 
Associate Professor of Management & Organizations, Co-Chair of Management & Organizations Department. Research: Implementation of strategy through design of organizational and managerial systems for professional employees, manufacturers response to wholesale and retail trade concentration, national account management systems.

Paul M. Hirsch 
James L. Allen Distinguished Professor of Strategy and Management & Organizations. Research: Managing mergers and restructurings, corporate strategy, organizational change, human resource management.

Brayden King
Assistant Professor of Management and Organizations. Research: Social movements and collective action, corporate and legislative policymaking, organizational change, organizational identity, economic sociology. 

Jon Maner
Professor of Management and Organizations. Research: Motivated social cognition, evolutionary psychology, behavioral endocrinology, individual differences, specific content areas include: Power, dominance, and leadership, social affiliation & rejection, close relationships, self-protective processes (fear, anxiety, disgust).

Victoria Medvec 
Adeline Barry Davee Professor of Management & Organizations, Executive Director of Center for Executive Women. Research: Focus on judgment and decision-making, with a particular emphasis on how people feel about the decisions they have made, independent decision-making and interdependent decisions within the context of negotiations.

J. Keith Murnighan 
Harold H. Hines Jr. Distinguished Professor of Risk Management. Research: Negotiation, group decision-making, empirical applications of game theory, risk management, fairness, team building, ethics, emotions.

Loran Nordgren
Assistant Professor of Management and Organizations. Research: judgment and decision making, emotion, social interaction and behavior.

William Ocasio
John L. and Helen Kellogg Distinguished Professor of Management and Organizations. Research: Political dynamics in organizations; corporate governance and control; organizational attention and decision-making; organizational change.

Susan Perkins
Assistant Professor of Management and Organizations. Research: Foreign direct investment, institutional economics, regulation, corporate governance and ownership structures, firm location decisions.

Michael Radnor 
Professor of Management & Organizations. Research: International technology strategy, international business and trade development, technology sourcing, innovation processes, industry and trade policy, technology transfer and application, U.S./Third World relations, industrial restructuring and privatization, small business development.

Lauren Rivera 
Assistant Professor of Management and Organizations. Research: Stratification, culture, labor markets, impression management, sociological theory, gender, qualitative/mixed methods and micro-macro links.

Edward (Ned) Smith

Associate Professor of Management & Organizations. Research: Decision Making, Social Networks, Organizational and Group Structure and Relationships, Market Emergence, Creativity and Innovation, Social Structure of Organizations and Markets.

Nicole Stephens 
Assistant Professor of Management and Organizations. Research: Culture and the self; How social class, race/ethnicity, and gender shape mind and behavior, with a particular emphasis on the contexts of choice/decision-making, education, and health; The sociocultural sources and consequences of prejudice, discrimination, and social inequality.

Ithai Stern 
Assistant Professor of Management and Organizations. Research: Strategic management and organization theory.

Leigh Thompson 
J. Jay Gerber Distinguished Professor of Dispute Resolution & Organizations, Professor of Management & Organizations, Director of the Kellogg Teams and Groups Center. Research: Negotiation, group behavior, decision-making, social cognition, affective evaluations of events, how groups and teams develop shared understanding of problems and behaviors.

Brian Uzzi 
Richard L. Thomas Distinguished Chair Professor of Leadership, Professor of Management & Organizations and Professor of Sociology. Research: Social networks, complexity theory and complex social systems, human creativity, scientific and artistic collaborations, embeddedness, and the social structure of markets with applications to creative industries and organizations in finance, fashion, movies, music, musicals, and law.

Adam Waytz

Assistant Professor of Management & Organizations. Research: Ethics and morality, mind perception, dehumanization, social connection, meaning-making, social influence, self-control.

Klaus Weber
Associate Professor of Management & Organizations. Research: Institutional and cultural analysis, sensemaking processes, industrial and organizational change, social impact of business, globalization.

Edward J. Zajac 
James F. Berz Distinguished Professor of Management & Organizations, Professor of Health Industry Management, Director, Center for Research on Strategic Alliances, Co-Chair of Management & Organizations Department. Research: Study of strategic management issues, particularly strategic alliances, corporate governance (CEO/board relations and CEO succession and compensation), organizational adaptation to changing business environments. 

Affiliated Faculty

Noshir Contractor
Jane S. & William J. White Professor of Behavioral Sciences, Northwestern University, Professor of Communication Studies, School of Communication & Professor of Industrial Engineering and Management Science, McCormick School of Engineering.  Research: Social network theories, technologies in enabling knowledge, collaboration and innovation networks, statistical and computational modeling of networks, applications in business, research communities, disaster response teams, public health networks, digital media and learning networks, and in virtual worlds, such as Second Life. 

Alice EaglyJames Padilla Chair of Arts and Sciences, Professor of Psychology, Faculty Fellow of Institute for Policy Research, Department Chair of Psychology and Courtesy Professor of Management and Organizations.

Eli Finkel

Professor of Psychology, Weinberg College of Arts and Sciences, Professor of Management & Organizations. Research: Initial Romantic Attraction, Interpersonal Conflict, Self-Control.

Dan A. GruberAssistant Professor, Medill School of Journalism, Courtesy Assistant Professor of Management and Organizations. Research: Focus on the relationship between firms and the financial media, corporate communications, public relations and managing change in dynamic environments.

Paul Leonardi
Allen and Johnnie Breed Junior Professor of Design. Assistant Professor of Communication Studies and Industrial Engineering/Management Sciences. Research: Technology-driven Organizational Change: New Product Development; Distributed Teams.