Course Requirements

In the first two years of the program students are expected to complete the required coursework of the program. Students must take 9 Non-independent Study courses in the 1st year of the program (this means an average of 3 courses per quarter).

1. Four content seminars: MORS 424-1, MORS 424-2, MORS 425-1 and MORS 425-2 (see course titles listed below).

2. Two MORS elective courses: These courses are offered periodically by the MORS faculty.

3. Three methods seminars: MORS 426-1 (micro-organizational research methods), MORS 426-2 (macro-organizational research methods) and a third methods course to be determined in consultation with the faculty adviser.

4. Three statistics courses: Basic descriptive and inferential statistics, linear and non-linear regression, and one additional course selected in consultation with the faculty adviser.

5. Research Seminar: The department's series of presentations by graduate students, faculty members and post-doc visitors. Students are required to participate in this seminar throughout their graduate study at the Kellogg School.

6. Minor Field: PhD students must take three graduate courses in a minor field area such as psychology, sociology, anthropology, communications, strategy or economics. This requirement can be met with transfer credit for those entering with a master’s degree.

Coursework RequirementsUnits
MORS 424-1 The Individual and the Organization 1
MORS 424-2 Social Processes in Organizations 1
MORS 425-1 Behavior in Organizational Systems 1
MORS 425-2 Organizations in Their Environments 1
MORS 426-1 Micro-Organizational Research Methods 1
MORS 426-2 Macro-Organizational Research Methods 1
MORS Elective Courses 2
Methods (additional; to be determined in consultation with faculty adviser) 1
Statistics (principles of descriptive and inferential statistics, linear and nonlinear regression; taken during first year) 2
Statistics (additional approved courses) 1
Minor field (psychology, sociology, anthropology communications, strategy or economics beyond those used to satisfy above requirements) 3
Total Required Units: 13-15

Other PhD Degree Requirements

  • Examinations: end of first year, written examinations covering core curriculum.
  • Research/Projects: research presentations in the fall quarter of the second and third years; candidacy paper approved no later than the winter of the third year.
  • PhD Dissertation: oral dissertation proposal defense no later than the summer of the fourth year.
  • Final Evaluations: original and significant research; oral defense of dissertation upon completion.