PhD Program

 The Management and Organizations (MORS) faculty at the Kellogg School of Management has long been considered one of the top research departments in the world. Its faculty members are known both for the breadth of topics they pursue and for their in-depth, groundbreaking research on these topics. Specific areas of strength include: corporate governance, decision making, negotiations, networks and alliances, strategic adaptation and change, social responsibility, and team and group processes. The department’s PhD program is highly regarded because it produces the faculty who teach at the best business schools around the world and produce research published in top journals. Our doctoral students are expected to continue this tradition of scholarship.

The MORS PhD program centers on research, with emphasis on the interplay between theory development and empirical research. The program is designed to develop the theoretical knowledge and methodological skills necessary for students to become successful, productive researchers. The program celebrates theoretical creativity and methodological pluralism. Students are expected to engage actively in research projects throughout their entire graduate program.

Please note that the MORS department also offers a joint PhD Program in coordination with the department of Sociology at Northwestern. For more information on this special program, refer to the page on the Joint Program.