Major & Requirements

The below requirements apply to students who have matriculated before June 2015. Please see new requirements for students matriculating on or after June 2015.

There are two majors hosted by the Management & Organizations Department:

Management & Organizations
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Management and Organizations provides a solid foundation for students with a focus in consulting, general management, and leadership. For the master's student wishing to major in Management and Organizations, there are increasing opportunities for work in organization planning and development of internal consulting staff roles. These positions may be in personnel or industrial relations departments, usually at the higher levels of such departments as compared to more traditional career paths in personnel. Increasingly, there are opportunities in new, independent organizational development groups and departments. Consulting and placement organizations are another option. Management and Organizations is also an excellent major for students planning careers in marketing, accounting, production and international business. For students majoring in health industry management or in public and nonprofit management, skills in management and organizations would be useful for a successful career.

Human Resources Management
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The management of human resources is grounded in both economics and the behavioral sciences. Both views are required if one is to be effective in human resources management. The Kellogg School has combined strengths in management and organizations and industrial relations to offer a major combining these approaches. The combination of fields goes beyond the traditional definition of the personnel function.