Management and Organizations is dedicated to understanding the behavior of people and groups in organizations and how companies interact with their environments. It is an interdisciplinary field drawing on sociology, psychology, anthropology, and political science, as well as on knowledge from institutional settings such as business, government, and health services.

The Management and Organizations curriculum is designed to provide students with the knowledge of how to motivate people, design organizations, improve problem-solving and decision-making capabilities, and introduce and manage change processes.

For the master's student wishing to major in Management and Organizations, there are increasing opportunities for work in planning, development, and consulting. Management and Organizations is an excellent major for students planning careers in marketing, accounting, production, and international business. For students majoring in either Hospital and Health Services management, or in Social Enterprise (which includes Public and Nonprofit management), skills in management and organizations are important contributors to a successful career.

In addition to classroom lectures and case discussions, the Management and Organizations department uses simulations, often with videotape as a feedback mechanism, to increase student learning. There are also opportunities for field projects in ongoing organizations as part of the regular course work. The school's behavioral sciences laboratory is an asset to students majoring in management and organizations.

The minimum requirements for a major in Management and Organizations are three advanced level (elective) beyond the MORS 430 core course.


Alumni Testimonials
Theodore Martin '83 President of Martin Partners LLG
Theodore Martin '83
President of Martin Partners LLG

Lloyd Morgan '63 President of Morgan Interests, LLC
Lloyd Morgan '63
President of Morgan Interests, LLC

Eric Matson '99 Manager at McKinsey & Co.
Eric Matson '99
Manager at McKinsey & Co.