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    Victoria Medvec
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We are leaders in teaching essential management skills and developing new, scientifically rigorous knowledge about management practice.

Our website is designed to give convenient access to information about all our teaching and research activities.

MBA students can learn more about the general purpose of our courses by reading our mission statement. Who else is better qualified to judge the value of our courses than generations of MBA alumni? Read the testimonials of three distinguished Kellogg alumni who have found our courses particularly valuable during all stages of their careers.

On our website, students can also read the description of our courses and the requirements for our two majors (Management & Organizations, Human Resource Management) and three minors (Management Consulting, Leadership, Decision Making & Negotiation).

Our doctoral program page gives prospective Ph.D. students a detailed description of the nature of our doctoral education. It also lists all of our current doctoral students and our Ph.D. alumni. Because our faculty is very active in executive education, we provide potential participants an overview of all the executive education programs the Management & Organizations faculty is involved in teaching.

Our faculty is known around the world for path-breaking research. The FacultyResearch sections provide links to individual faculty pages, research centers, labs affiliated with the department and faculty publications. Information about our conferences and seminars are available on the Events page.

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Kellogg Insight presents articles on Management & Organizations Department

Build a Better Brainstorm
How to capture all the ideas in the room
Based on the research of Loran Nordgren
How to capture all the ideas in the room: Loran Nordgren releases Candor app to help users conduct more effective brainstorms.

For Better or for Work
Insights from intimate relationships could soon find their way into the office
Based on the research of Eli J Finkel , Erica B. Slotter , Laura B. Luchies , Gregory M. Walton And James J. Gross
Insights from intimate relationships could soon find their way into the office: Eli Finkel is known for his work on intimate relationships. But his research on motivated cognition and especially marital satisfaction may apply to the business world too. What if a simple intervention, designed to preserve satisfaction by helping couples deal with marital stresses, could help us feel more satisfied at work?

Networking Is a Dirty Business
Seeking out professional connections leaves people feeling morally, and physically, dirty
Based on the research of Tiziana Casciaro , Francesca Gino And Maryam Kouchaki
Seeking out professional connections leaves people feeling morally, and physically, dirty: Research by Maryam Kouchaki, Tiziana Casciaro, and Francesca Gino finds that people engaging in professional networking leave the exchange feeling morally and physically dirty.

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