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  • David Dranove and Mark Satterthwaite
    Walter J. McNerney Distinguished Professor of Health Industry Management David Dranove (left) and A.C. Buehler Professor in Hospital & Heath Services Management Mark Satterthwaite Photo © Nathan Mandell

The Department of Management and Strategy contains a diverse group of very active researchers, scholars, teachers, and consultants. We are proud to contribute to the training of managers at the best business school in the world. more... 

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Looking Good for the Regulators
Efforts to avoid regulator scrutiny come with downsides
Based on the research of Severin Borenstein , Meghan Busse And Ryan Kellogg
Efforts to avoid regulator scrutiny come with downsides: Meghan Busse wanted to find out if career concerns might play out on a larger scale. Can the desire to cover one's backside alter the actions of entire companies the way it changes the behavior of individual employees?

The Games Companies and Activists Play
When is corporate activism most effective?
Based on the research of Jose Miguel Abito , David A. Besanko And Daniel Diermeier
When is corporate activism most effective?: A new study suggests that seemingly counterproductive levels of socially responsible activity are in fact predicted by companies acting rationally—at least once social activism is taken into account.

A Year at the FTC
Combinations, conduct, and competition in healthcare
Based on the research of Leemore S. Dafny
Combinations, conduct, and competition in healthcare: Dafny recently returned from her yearlong stint in Washington as the first Deputy Director for Healthcare and Antitrust with a new appreciation for all that government antitrust agencies do to protect consumers—as well as the limits of what they can accomplish. It will take some creative solutions, she believes, to bolster competition in healthcare markets.

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