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  • David Dranove and Mark Satterthwaite
    Walter J. McNerney Distinguished Professor of Health Industry Management David Dranove (left) and A.C. Buehler Professor in Hospital & Heath Services Management Mark Satterthwaite Photo © Nathan Mandell

The Strategy Department contains a diverse group of very active researchers, scholars, teachers, and consultants. We are proud to contribute to the training of managers at the best business school in the world. more... 

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Getting the Growth Strategy Right
In industries ripe for supercompetitors, adopting the right growth strategy is key
Based on the research of Thomas N. Hubbard , Paul D. Leinwand And Cesare Mainardi
In industries ripe for supercompetitors, adopting the right growth strategy is key: For companies looking to become supercompetitors, adopting a growth strategy focused on capabilities is the key to success. This requires robust internal and external analyses to drive the right strategic choices to secure enduring market advantage and shape the future of the industries.

More Insurers, Lower Premiums?
Evidence from U.S. health insurance marketplaces
Based on the research of Leemore S. Dafny , Jonathan Gruber And Christopher Ody
Evidence from U.S. health insurance marketplaces: Leemore Dafny, a professor of management and strategy at the Kellogg School of Management, finds that premiums on the United States health insurance marketplaces have not been as high as projected, but could they have been even lower. Dafny and her colleagues estimate that premiums in the 34 federally facilitated marketplaces (FFMs) would have been 5.4% lower had a single major carrier who shunned the marketplaces chosen to participate. Had every insurer that operated in the individual insurance markets entered the exchanges, the researchers estimate that premiums could have been 11.1% lower.

Looking Good for the Regulators
Efforts to avoid regulator scrutiny come with downsides
Based on the research of Severin Borenstein , Meghan Busse And Ryan Kellogg
Efforts to avoid regulator scrutiny come with downsides: Meghan Busse wanted to find out if career concerns might play out on a larger scale. Can the desire to cover one's backside alter the actions of entire companies the way it changes the behavior of individual employees?

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