MECN 430 Waiver Information

Course Title:
Microeconomic Analysis

Obtaining a Waiver

There are two types of waivers that the students can apply for MECN 430

  •  Partial waiver: A student is awarded this type of waiver based on the relevance of their prior academic experience to the subject matter of the MECN course. Specifically, an undergraduate Economics major at an accredited institution, or A or A+ in a comparable course in Intermediate Microeconomics at an accredited institution. Note: a Principles of Economics course or an introductory course in economics is not sufficient for a waiver by application.
    • Topics covered in comparable course should include a mathematical treatment of perfect competition, monopoly pricing, price discrimination, oligopoly and government intervention. A student who is awarded a partial waiver may substitute any full credit MECN course to fulfill the requirement. Partial waivers are only granted with prior academic experience.
  • Full waiver: A student requesting a full waiver (i.e., waiving all MECN requirements) must take a waiver exam based on the material covered in the core MECN 430 course. Here is a Self-Test to see whether you might be able to pass the waiver exam.
Full-time Students: Waiver applications are due the summer prior to arrival at Kellogg, and waiver exams are typically held in August. Please check the Welcome site for details or email FT Academic Advising.

Part-Time Students: Waiver applications are accepted and exams offered each quarter according to the schedule posted on the PTMBA waiver site. For additional information, emails the PT academic advisor Carol Lucido.


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