MECN 430 Waiver Information

Course Title:
Microeconomic Analysis

Obtaining a Waiver

There are two types of waivers that the students can apply for MECN 430

  • ¬†Partial waiver: A student is awarded this type of waiver based on the relevance of their prior academic experience to the subject matter of the MECN course. Specifically, an A or A+ in a comparable course in Intermediate Microeconomics at an accredited institution (note: a Principles of Economics course or an introductory course in economics is not sufficient for the waiver. Topics covered in comparable course should include a mathematical treatment of perfect competition, monopoly pricing, price discrimination, oligopoly and government intervention). A student who is awarded a partial waiver may substitute any full credit MECN course to fulfill the requirement. Partial waivers are only granted with prior academic experience.
  • Full waiver: A student requesting a full waiver (i.e., waiving all MECN requirements) must take a waiver exam based on the material covered in the core MECN 430 course.¬†Here is a Self-Test to see whether you might be able to pass the waiver exam. Please contact Academic Advisor Kalpana Waikar for more details.


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