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Online Statistics Essentials 

Students who are currently enrolled in the Kellogg School have expressed the need for review of key concepts in statistics prior to the start of classes. To meet that need, the school now offers a Web-based course in statistics, designed by Professor Peter Klibanoff, free to all incoming students.

Online Statistics Essentials provides an introduction to some statistical methods and concepts that are particularly useful for management. The course is designed both for those who have had no prior exposure to statistics and for those who may have studied statistics before but need a refresher. Even those who know some statistics should find the managerial applications and setting informative. In the context of problems faced by Café Caliente, a worldwide coffee chain, the course addresses five major topic areas: (1) distributions and describing a variable; (2) estimating with data; (3) hypothesis testing; (4) two population testing; and (5) regression analysis. The course helps prepare students for the Kellogg School's core courses in decision sciences as well as for the use of statistics in areas such as finance and marketing.

Incoming students can work through Online Statistics Essentials at their own pace and convenience. In addition, students can easily go back to Online Statistics Essentials throughout their enrollment at the Kellogg School. Estimated time to complete the primary instructional path is 6 to 8 hours.

Microsoft Internet Explorer 5 or higher is highly recommended for viewing Online Statistics Essentials. To begin Online Statistics Essentials, click on the link at the bottom of this page, and input your Kellogg NetID.

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We encourage all incoming students to utilize Statistics Essentials Online to build or refresh skills in preparation for Kellogg's core courses.

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