Qualifying Exams

Quantitative Marketing Students

The prelim (or qualifying) exam serves a dual purpose: (1) to assess the skills of the student and (2) to motivate the student to productively assemble and organize the wealth of knowledge accumulated throughout the first year of the Ph.D. program.

The qualifying exams are administered near the end of June in the first year. The exam normally takes place over two days. Students are expected to answer a series of questions, which are typically written by the marketing faculty who taught the students during their first year. The format of the questions is not constrained and may include open-book, closed-book and/or oral questions.

In addition to the prelim exam in marketing, quantitative marketing students take the microeconomics and econometrics prelim exams from the economics department. These are normally given in mid-July.

The marketing faculty provides feedback on student performance on these exams and in cases where performance is unsatisfactory students may be allowed to re-take part or the entire exam. Students must pass both the marketing and two economics exams to continue in the doctoral program.