Qualifying Exams

Consumer Behavior Students

The prelim (or qualifying) exam serves a dual purpose: (1) to assess the skills of the student and (2) to motivate the student to productively assemble and organize the wealth of knowledge accumulated throughout the first year of the Ph.D. program.

The qualifying exams are administered during June of the first year. The exam normally takes place over two days. 

The prelim exam is comprised of several questions.  Each question corresponds to one of the marketing doctoral seminars that a student takes during his/her first year.  Each question may be comprised of several parts.  Students earn one of four marks for each question:  High Pass (HP), Pass (P), Low Pass (LP), or Fail (F). 

To continue in the doctoral program, a student must not earn a Fail on any question, and must earn a minimum of Pass on at least 75% of the questions.

A student who does not achieve the above standard will be given one opportunity to re-take any question for which s/he received a Low Pass or Fail.  Students who opt to re-take should be prepared to answer different questions than were posed as part of their first prelim exam.