Visas/Access to Kellogg Resources

Applying for Your Visa

All exchange students will come to Kellogg on a J-1 visa. Students will apply by filling out a DS-2019 request. If a student’s form is complete, it will take 10 days to process, and the completed DS-2019 request will be express mailed (via FedEx) to the address the student indicated in the registration form.

The procedure to apply for a visa can be found below.

Visa Application Procedure

Visa information and the visa application can be accessed by clicking here and following the steps outlined on that page.
  1. Choose the DS2019 Request Form.
  2. Under “Section 2—Program,” choose: “Kellogg Quarterly Exchange (Non-Degree).” The financial requirement will self-populate.
  3. Go back to the main page and click on the Supplemental Statement of Support and follow all instructions carefully. (The Financial Documentation Requirements and Sponsor Statement of Support is a confirmation that the funds required for exchange expenses can be met by a parent, your own personal finances, etc. For the 2017-2018 academic year, we approximate $9,333 for living expenses while on exchange at Kellogg. Your home school tuition is an even exchange for Kellogg’s tuition.)
  4. Submit the application via the NU Portal.
  5. You will receive an email notification to your Kellogg email address when the DS-2019 is ready.

Please make sure that you have all of the documents required before sending them to us. Students who don’t double-check to make sure that their visa applications are complete delay the processing of all visas.

Please note:

  • For the purpose of generating your DS-2019, you may submit an online bank statement. However, for your visa appointment, you may need an official bank statement or letter from your bank.

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Frequently Asked Visa Questions

  1. Can I come in on a different type of visa?
    No, a J-1 visa is the only visa that Kellogg is able to sponsor for exchange students as it is intended for educational exchange.
  2. Can I come to the U.S. early or stay late?
    Yes, you have a 30-day grace period preceding and following the dates of your exchange program. Enjoy! Note that you cannot leave and re-enter the U.S. in the 30 days following your exchange program, but you are free to travel around the U.S.
  3. When can I expect my visa paperwork?
    If we have received all of your paperwork by the deadline, you can expect to receive your paperwork in 2-3 weeks from the deadline.
  4. Where can I apply for my visa? I am in another country for school, internship, vacation, etc.
    You should check with the Embassy or Consulate in question personally. You may be directed to the Embassy in the country you hold citizenship or permanent residence.
  5. I am already in the U.S. Will I really need to leave and re-enter on my J-1 visa?
    YES. If you are currently in the U.S., you will need to leave to apply for the J-1 visa, and you will absolutely need to leave before the beginning of your program to re-enter the country using your J-1 visa.

Access to Kellogg Resources


We will use the information you provided in the registration form to create your netID and Kellogg email address. Your netID is your username for the majority of Northwestern’s internal systems. You will use it to log into your Kellogg email account, as well as Northwestern’s student intranet, Caesar.

Once a student’s netID is created, they will receive their new netID and log-in instructions via e-mail, along with instructions for how to change their password.


CAESAR is Northwestern’s student intranet. You can use CAESAR to check your course schedule, view and pay your bill, and to find classrooms (approximately one week before classes begin). When classes are over, you will be able to check your grades in CAESAR. You can view them approximately 10 days after the final day of classes.