Course Descriptions and Sample Syllabi

The courses listed below make up the choices of required courses in the International Business major.

Students must obtain a total of four credits from the list of courses below to qualify for the major. At least one of these course credits must come from the set of foundation courses, and only one affiliate course can count towards the major.

Foundation Courses:

INTL-460 International Business Strateg

INTL-466 International Business Strategy in Non-Market Environments

INTL-467 Global Marketing

INTL-474 Cross-Cultural Negotiation

FINC-470 Interrnational Finance

Additional Electives:

INTL-442 International Healthcare Systems

INTL-473 Global Initiatives in Management (GIM)

INTL-490 Foreign Study

Any course taken in an international exchange program abroad can count as one of the electives towards completion of the international business major, but require approval of the Program Director. No more than one exchange program course can count towards the major. Independent study courses may only count as an elective towards the international business major if they are preapproved by the Program Director.

INTL-915 Global Lab (G-Lab)

FINC-937 Microfinance

FINC-941 Macroeconomic Policy and Global Capital Markets

SEEK-956 Social Entrepreneurship in the Developing World


ACCT-452 Financial Reporting and Analysis II

MGMT-441 Intellectual Capital Management