Research by Faculty

The road to patient experience of care measurement: lessons from the United States
Co-authored by Michael Millenson, the Israel Journal of Health Policy Research, September 2013

Kellogg INSIGHT, June 2012: Special issue on healthcare and medicine featured work by many of the faculty associated with the HEMA Program.

Is the impact of managed care on hospital prices decreasing? (PDF 306 KB)
David Dranove 

Is More Information Better? The Effects of 'Report Cards' on Health Care Providers (PDF 157 KB)
David Dranove and Mark Satterthwaite 

Start Spreading the News: A Structural Estimate of the Effects of New York Hospital Report Cards (PDF 142 KB)
David Dranove and Andrew Sfekas 

Do Report Cards Tell Consumers Anything They Don’t Already Know? The Case of Medicare HMOs (PDF 515 KB)
Leemore Dafny and David Dranove 

Are Health Insurance Markets Competitive? (PDF 399 KB)
Leemore Dafny 

Influence and Deterrence: How Obstetricians Respond to Litigation against Themselves and their Colleagues (PDF 121 KB)
David Dranove and Yasutora Watanabe 

Learning and Bargaining in Dispute Resolution: Theory and Evidence from Medical Malpractice Litigation (PDF 336 KB)
Yasutora Watanabe 

Are Restaurants Really Supersizing America? (PDF 544 KB)
David Matsa 

Market Structure and Profit Complementarity: The Case of SPECT and PET (PDF 327 KB)
Justin Lenzo 

Be Fit and Be Strong: Mastering Self-Regulation through Regulatory Fit (PDF 221 KB)
Jiewen Hong and Angela Lee

Organizational Factors in Quality Improvement Collabrative (PDF 111 KB)
Sarang Deo, et al.

Dynamic allocation of scarce resources under supply uncertainty (PDF 446 KB)
Sarang Deo and CharlesCorbett

Cournot competition under yield uncertainty: The case of the U.S. influenza vaccine market (PDF 250KB)
Sarang Deo and Charles Corbett 

Do National Patent Laws Stimulate Domestic Innovation in a Global Patenting Environment? (PDF 158 KB)
Yi Qian