Doctoral Students

The Kellogg School has a dynamic doctoral program and each year several PhD students write dissertations about the health industry. Doctoral students interested in the health industry are eligible for Merv Shalowitz Doctoral Fellowships.

Current Merv Shalowitz Doctoral Fellows:

  • Tae Jung Yoon, Marketing: Quality disclosure and patient sorting
  • Bingyang Li, MECS: Health information technology and diagnostic coding
  • Manuel Hermosilla: Marketing: Licensing of biotechnology research
  • Anthony Wray (Economics): Public Health Improvements and Economic Growthh
  • Zenon Zebowski (Economics): Competition and Medical Technology Adoption

Recent doctoral program graduates include:

Kathryn Heinze

Dissertation: "Working with harmony: Institutional Entrepreneurship in the Context of Integrative Medicine Placement" (2010)

Maxim Sytch
Dissertation: "Living in Two Worlds: Exploring the Origins and Consequences of the Dual Social Structure" (2009)

Min Chen
Dissertation: “Minimum Quality Standards and Strategic Vertical Differentiation: An Empirical Study of Nursing Homes” (2008)

Feng Susan Lu
Dissertation: “Multitasking, Information Disclosure and Product Quality: Evidence from Nursing Homes” (2008)

Subramanian Ramanarayanan
Dissertation: “Does Practice Make Perfect? An Empirical Analysis of Learning by Doing in Cardiac Surgery” (2007)

Amit Nigam
Dissertation: “Transformation of Professional Control: Changes in Medical Work in the Shift to Managed Care” (2006)