Past Conferences


2015 Healthcare Markets Conference
May 13-15th, 2015


2014 Healthcare Markets Conference
May 15-16th, 2014


2013 Healthcare Markets Conference
May 16-17th, 2013

2013 ACHE MacEachern Luncheon
The HEMA Alumni Association sponsored the 2013 American College of Healthcare Executives (ACHE) MacEachern Luncheon at the Palmer House Hilton in Chicago.

2012 Business of Healthcare Conference "Transformations in Healthcare"
November 17th, 2012

The 2012 Business of Healthcare Conference, “Transformations in Healthcare,” will focus on the state of healthcare and its future. Professionals, academics and students will explore how healthcare organizations can improve patient care, develop new products, and slow the rising growth in healthcare costs in the face of an evolving political and regulatory landscape.


2011 Business of Healthcare Conference "The Right Prescription for Value in Healthcare"  
November 9th, 2011 

The 12th Business of Healthcare Conference, “The Right Prescription for Value in Healthcare”, focused on some of the most topical issues facing the healthcare industry. In today’s environment, much attention was paid to healthcare costs while the value of the service or product often becomes secondary. The 2011 conference explored ways that value is currently created and destroyed in healthcare, and the implications that this has on the overall healthcare system. The conference brought together professionals, academics, and students from all parts of the industry to engage in a variety of topics that focus on ways to enhance value and minimize loss in healthcare. The forum offered an invaluable opportunity to gain insights into the challenging issues that surround the healthcare industry as well as network with leading healthcare professionals.


2010 Business of Healthcare Conference: Can Innovation be the Cure?: Healthcare’s Challenge to Be More for Less
Nov 10, 2010
The Kellogg School of Management’s 11th Business of Healthcare Conference will provide a forum for students, alumni, faculty, and industry professionals to explore the importance of steering innovation to improve outcomes and reduce costs. The healthcare industry demands innovation as a means of keeping pace with scientific discovery and changing patient demands. However, rapid technological advances alone are not sufficient; changes in political policy and surging demand from emerging markets will require companies to develop solutions that offer sustainable growth. This year’s conference will feature two keynote speakers and six panels highlighting prominent representatives from biotech, healthcare IT and solutions, hospital management, medical devices, pharmaceutical, and venture capital.


“Driving Growth in a Cost Conscious Economy”
November 11, 2009
Within today’s dynamic and volatile economic and political environment, successful healthcare companies must innovate their business practices and refine their portfolios amidst growing cost constraints and rapid change. The conference will focus on ways that individuals in healthcare can deliver value for a variety of stakeholders despite the difficult environment. Featuring prominent keynote speakers and panelists, the conference will address topics including financing healthcare growth, leveraging interactive marketing tools, employing IT for operational effectiveness for providers, and the impact of President Obama’s health plan. The conference promises to be an incredible opportunity for knowledge-sharing, information gathering and industry networking for Kellogg students, Kellogg alumni and industry representatives.


Managing at the Forefront of Change
Nov 1, 2008
Healthcare as an industry and a business is continually evolving. Managers are faced with the challenges of forging uncharted waters, particularly in an election year such as this. The 2008-09 conference Managing at the Forefront of Change, will tackle these timely managerial issues in a dynamic, thought-provoking forum. Two keynote addresses six panels of diverse healthcare specialists will share their thoughts on the future of financing a start-up business, managing global brands, reaching out to underserved markets, the impact of going “green,” implementing technological advances in a slow-to-adapt industry, and growing transparency for consumer benefit.


Oncobiotech Summit
July 24-25, 2008
The two day summit offered for the firs time in association with Lurie Cancer Center will on present and future biotechnology relevant cancer diagnostics and therapeutics. The goal is to create a cross-discipline dialogue on critical current and emerging challenges and opportunities in developing novel personalized therapeutics and diagnostics, and adopting them in clinical practice and reimbursement. The dialogue will engage clinical practitioners, academic investigators (clinicians and scientists), biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies, health care insurers (government and non-government) and venture capital firms.

BIO 2008 Annual International Convention
May 17-20, 2008
Annual meeting of BIO, the Biotechnology Industry Organization, will be held in San Diego. For more information, please visit the Conference Web site.


BIO 2007 Annual International Convention
May 6-9, 2007
Annual meeting of BIO, the Biotechnology Industry Organization, which was held in Boston.

Kellogg Biotech & Healthcare Conference
January 20, 2007
The Kellogg Biotech Conference is the premiere forum for the exchange of ideas to further the education of students, academia, and industry about the business of the life science industries.

The 2007 Kellogg Biotechnology and Healthcare Conference will provide a conducive and interactive medium to explore trends, discontinuities, opportunities and challenges associated with today's life sciences and healthcare service sectors. Annually, the KBHC attracts over 500 attendees, including opinion leaders, industry professionals, academia and students, making it one of the top conferences at The Kellogg School of Management. Prior year's KBHC themes have included "Healing Through Innovation", "Transforming the Face of Healthcare" and "From Science to Sales."

The Illinois Biotechnology Industry Organization (iBIO)
Fall 2006 events; dates ongoing
iBIO presents a series of ongoing Biotechnology events. For information about specific events and conferences, please visit the iBIO Web site.