Business of Healthcare Conference 2013
Richard Migliori, executive VP and chief medical officer of UnitedHealth Group, gave a keynote presentation at the 2013 Business of Healthcare Conference. Photography by C. Jason Brown

Upcoming Conferences

2016 Business of Healthcare Conference, "Consumer-Directed Healthcare: Improving our Health System by Empowering Patients"
January 23, 2016

Recent Conferences

2015 American College of Healthcare Executives (ACHE) MacEachern Luncheon 
March 17, 2015
Professor Shalowitz represented the HEMA program with the College Governors at the luncheon.

2014 Business of Healthcare Conference, "Partnering for Success: Innovative Opportunities for Tomorrow’s Healthcare"
November 15, 2014
Today’s organizations are developing innovative forms of collaboration with both traditional partners, and increasingly, with new partners. These new forms of partnership are helping to define the future of healthcare amidst high levels of uncertainty. Partnering for Success: Innovative Opportunities for Tomorrow’s Healthcare will delve into how the effects of rapid, large-scale change in the US healthcare industry is changing how the players in all areas are interacting and what they mean for the future of healthcare.

2014 American College of Healthcare Executives (ACHE) MacEachern Luncheon
March 25, 2014
The keynote address "The Changing Insurer-Provider Dynamic," was by Joseph R. Swedish, FACHE, CEO, Wellpoint Inc. 
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2013 Business of Healthcare Conference, "Re-charting the Borders of Healthcare" 
November 16, 2013
The 2013 Business of Healthcare Conference, “Re-charting the Borders of Healthcare,” will explore how the Affordable Care Act and drive for growth are shifting the institutional, technological, physical, geographical and financial borders of healthcare. Sessions will examine the implications of changes in the payer, provider, pharma, med-device and investing sectors.