Boot Camp Tutorials


Timothy Zoph, CIO, Northwestern Memorial Hospital and a Kellogg alum spoke on the Changing Role of a Hospital CIO in the 21st Century. Photo © mTm Phtography 

Science Wednesdays (HEMA 910)
9:30am-11:30am, Room G27
Fall Quarter
: Prof. Sangeeta Vohra

These sessions will cover the basic science which is the driving force behind the biotechnology industry so that students are able to assess and understand the current cutting edge technologies.

Suggested Textbooks

Essential Cell Biology. Bruce Alberts et al. Garland Publishing, Inc. NY.
A good book to use as reference. It contains the fundamental language that allows you to communicate with the scientists.

Molecular Biology made simple and fun. David Clark & Lonnie Russell. Cache River Press. The book is written in a simple humorous way and designed for non-biologists.

Session 1               Sept. 26              Industry Overview
Session 2 Oct. 3 Unit of our Existence
Session 3 Oct. 10 Proteins- Body's Workhorses
Session 4 Oct. 17 DNA - From Genes to Genomics
Session 5 Oct. 24 Gene expression and control
Session 6 Oct. 31 Manipulating the Genome - Cloning
Session 7 Nov. 7 Cell Communication/Drug Interaction
Session 8 Nov. 14 Body's Defense - The Immune System
Session 9 Nov. 28 Personalized Medicine
Session 10 Dec. 5 Review Session/Quiz