Below is a list of students currently enrolled in the Doctoral Program with a focus in Finance.

First Year PhD Students

Christopher Hair Jacobs 445
Menaka Hampole Jacobs 445
Pawel Janas Jacobs 445
Huidi Lin Jacobs 445
Adriana Troiano Jacobs 445

Second Year PhD Students

 Yufeng Liu Jacobs 4202 
 Marco Sammon Jacobs 4202

Third Year PhD Students

Eileen Driscoll
Jacobs 414
Apoorv Gupta
Jacobs 414
Qiushi Huang
Jacobs 414
Brittany Lewis
Jacobs 414
Marius Ring
Jacobs 414
Harvey Stephenson
Jacobs 414
Hendrik van Straelen
Jacobs 414
Shixiang Xia
Jacobs 414

Fourth Year PhD Students

Grant Clayton
Jacobs 434
Alice Jun
Jacobs 434
Lorena Keller
Jacobs 432
Sridhar Srinivasan
Jacobs 432
Rajkamal Vasu
Jacobs 407

Fifth Year PhD Student

Hao Sun
Jacobs 448