Procedure for Proposal-Presentations

1. The student must receive approval from their committee to (i) proceed with their proposal; and (ii) the date/time of their proposal presentation.

2. After obtaining approval from the committee, and at least one week before the proposal presentation date, the student must give an electronic copy of their proposal to the Administrative Director of the Kellogg Doctoral Program for posting on the Finance Department’s Proposal Presentation website. The Administrative Director of the Kellogg Doctoral Program will ask the Finance Department D.A. to arrange for email notification to the Finance Department faculty and PhD students about the proposal presentation date, and the link to the paper on the Proposal Presentation website. All proposals will remain on the website permanently.

3. Note that scheduling a proposal presentation requires the coordination of the student’s schedule along with the schedules of the committee. So the student should allow sufficient time to plan for a proposal presentation date.