Turbo Finance

Accelerated Course Options & Waivers

Turbo Finance | Waive Finance I and take Finance II | Waive Finance I and Finance II

Turbo Finance (FINC 440 - Finance I/II) combines the material in Finance I (430) and Finance II (441) into an intensive one-quarter course that provides an introduction to most of the major topic areas in the field of finance, with an emphasis on corporate finance. Students choosing this option should expect the material presented, the readings and the homework to be at least double that of regular courses.

Based on past years' experience, these options will appeal to students with strong quantitative and/or finance backgrounds. There are no clear-cut criteria for deciding which students should choose this option. However as you assess this opportunity, you should consider your quantitative ability and confidence, your ability to cope in a timely way with a heavy workload, and your previous experience in finance.

Students enrolled in 440 will receive a waiver out of 430 and their grade in 440 will be recorded as a grade in Finance 441. This course counts as two courses toward the fulfillment of the Finance major (430 and 441). Please remember, however, that this course carries the weight of ONLY ONE COURSE with respect to the Kellogg School's graduation requirements. Finance 440 is offered in the Fall and Winter quarters.