Self assessment exams

The exams are timed and you are given sixty minutes for each part. Be sure to keep track of the time. The computer will give you a one minute warning and should report the elapsed time at the bottom of your browser. Be sure to submit your answers prior to the one hour limit if you want us to accept your score. Some questions are worth more points. There is no penalty for guessing. It is strongly recommended that you have a calculator, Excel (or another spreadsheet) for calculations, and/or scratch paper available during the exam. You may use books and notes during the exam. To maintain the integrity of the exam, you may not talk with others about it during or after the exam.

As always at the Kellogg School, we expect you to abide by the honor code. We trust that no one will give or receive assistance which gives them an unfair advantage over other students. If you have questions about the self assessment exam, please send us an email.

In order to gain access to the self assessment exams, you will first need to request access to the Self Assessment Blackboard site. You can make this request through the Kellogg Information Systems Faculty/Staff Computing and A/V Technical Services group. Please submit your request via email to with your name and NetID.

When you are ready, click on the following link and you will be asked to login to the Finance Self Assessment Blackboard site. All Self Assessment exams are available in the Assignment section of the course site. Once you start an exam, you can't back out - so be sure you are ready before you start.

Finance I Self Assessment
Be sure you are ready to take the exam, prior to clicking.