Executive Education

The Kellogg School's Executive Education Programs are consistently rated at the very top in executive education. The Economist Intelligence Unit, U.S. News & World Report, Financial Times and BusinessWeek all proclaim the Kellogg School's programs to be among the best in the world. The Kellogg School draws more than 5,800 individuals annually from all over the world to partake in its executive education experience.

A major factor of that experience is the finance faculty, a world-renowned, brilliant and experienced group of academicians. Only the most senior members teach in the executive programs. The finance faculty is actively involved in research, so material used in the classroom is always leading edge. Faculty members understand participants' business issues and can tailor material to real-time, real-world solutions.

The Kellogg School's philosophy of teamwork and interactive group study is another vital component of the executive education experience. Participants are actively involved in their own learning through class discussions, breakout sessions and informal contacts with their peers and with faculty.

Finance Department faculty also develop and conduct custom programs tailored to specific needs of a company or organization.

Executive Programs Sample

Corporate Financial Strategies for Creating Shareholder Value
A three-day program covering techniques for analyzing and valuing financial decisions. Participants explore a comprehensive framework for integrating financing and investment decisions effectively. They also learn to measure the impact of strategic and operating decisions on shareholder value, develop a capital structure, estimate the cost of capital more accurately, and value potential mergers and acquisitions targets more precisely.

Finance for Executives
This is an introductory program that equips those who do not have a finance background with the tools and concepts they need to understand the financial outcomes of their decisions. Participants explore methods for determining the cash flow and stock price implications of strategic and operating decisions. This includes plant and equipment additions, acquisitions, and new product introductions. The seminar provides a comprehensive overview of the shareholder value-creation process and the key role managers play in it.

Merger Week: Creating Value through Strategic Acquisitions and Alliances
A comprehensive seminar that incorporates the entire M&A process and prepares participants to forge effective, sustainable mergers, acquisitions and alliances to create value and competitive advantage. Participants learn how to identify target companies and follow through to post-merger integration, as well as the latest frameworks and tools to ensure a company's ultimate success.

Another very important reason to come to a Kellogg School executive education program: they are held at the James L. Allen Center, a beautiful, self-contained facility located on Lake Michigan, with large and well-equipped classrooms, study rooms, sleeping rooms and dining facilities.

Executive Education classes are held at the James L. Allen Center

Executive Education classes are held at the James L. Allen Center.