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    Constantinos Skiadas
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The Kellogg School's Finance department is renowned in a broad range of specialties, from technical asset pricing to corporate financial policies and capital market dynamics. Faculty research is consistently recognized by award-winning publications in flagship finance journals. The Finance faculty also serve as editors of leading professional publications, setting the standards for new ideas in finance. The Finance major, among the most popular at the Kellogg School, takes full advantage of this expertise in a broad set of courses taught by faculty at the forefront of the field. more...

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A Fine Fiscal Balance
A conversation with Jan Eberly on sustainable fiscal policy
by Janice C. Eberly
A conversation with Jan Eberly on sustainable fiscal policy: Jan Eberly served as Assistant Secretary for Economic Policy at the Treasury Department from 2011–2013, for a Democratic administration. Her collaborator Phillip Swagel held the same position in the previous Republican administration. The two generated a series of fiscal policy recommendations in a recent article for the Peter G. Peterson Foundation.

Red Ink, Red-Eyed Judges, and the High Costs of Crowded Bankruptcy Courts
The timing of a bankruptcy filing shapes the verdict and has consequences for all of us
Based on the research of Benjamin Iverson
The timing of a bankruptcy filing shapes the verdict and has consequences for all of us: During economic downturns, when bankruptcy judges have especially high caseloads, firms’ reorganization plans are approved at higher rates than when judges have lighter caseloads. That can be good news for a firm hoping to reorganize during a recession, since having its plan approved means that it will stay in business and its debt load will be reduced. But there are trade-offs.

Want to Work in Science? Men Have the Advantage
How gender discrimination affects hiring
Based on the research of Ernesto Reuben , Paola Sapienza And Luigi Zingales
How gender discrimination affects hiring: New research by Paola Sapienza suggests that women are initially assumed to be less competent at basic mathematical tasks than men even when they are not—and that when asked, women, unlike men, tend to understate their abilities.

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