The following is a sampling of Dissertation Topics and Initial Job Placements from Accounting Department PhD Alumni:
Blake Bowler
"Are Going Concern Opinions Associated with Lower Audit Impact?" 2016; University of Florida.
Rahul Menon "Corporate Control and Voluntary Disclosures," 2016; Purdue University.
Kyung Ha (Kari) Lee: “Essays on Certification: 1. Partner Identification and Audit Quality, 2. The Classification System of Certification,” 2015; Rutgers Business School, Newark and New Brunswick.
Ira Yeung: “Essays on Information Quality and Capital Markets,” 2015; University of British Columbia.
Gary Chen: “Essays on Financial Disclosures and Supply Chain Relationships,” 2014; University of Illinois, Chicago.
Spencer Pierce:
“Essays on the Accounting for Derivatives,” 2014; Florida State University.
Rafael Rogo:  “The Choice of Selling Mechanism in Business Combinations,” 2012; University of British Columbia.
Jingjing Zhang:
 “Determinants of Contracting Structure: Evidence from Syndicated Loan Agreements,” 2012; McGill University.
Jie Zhou: “Do Analysts Act Strategically to Induce Management Guidance? -- Theory and Evidence,” 2012; National University of Singapore.
Dora Althschuler: "Empirical studies on managements' voluntary disclosures of earnings and cash flows," 2011; Loyola University, Chicago.
Kiat Bee Jimmy Lee: "The Role of Accounting Conservatism in Firms' Financial Decisions," 2011; Singapore Management University.
Iván Marinovic: "Essays on Financial Reporting," 2011; Stanford University.
Liang Tan: "Essays on Debt Contracting,” 2011; George Washington University.
Ramanan Natarajan Venkataraman: "Essays on Disclosure and Corporate Governance," 2007; University of California, Davis.
Ewa Sletten: "Essays on Discretionary Disclosure," 2007; Massachusetts Institute of Technology.
Anne Beyer: “Essays on Earnings Forecasts, Earnings Management, and Capital Market Prices,” 2006; Stanford University.
Peter Hostak: “Measures of Risk in Performance Pricing-Based Debt Contracts and Firms' Reporting Behavior,” 2006; University of Massachusetts, Dartmouth.
Aiyesha Dey: “Corporate Governance and Financial Reporting Credibility," 2005; University of Chicago.
Yang (George) Yong: “Why Insiders in Some Firms Are More Inside Than Those in Others: Cross-Sectional
Determinants and Effects of Insider Purchase Profitability,” 2005; Chinese University of Hong Kong.
Daniel Cohen: “Quality of Financial Reporting Choice: Determinants and Economic Consequences,” 2004; University of Southern California.
Thomas Fields: “Debt Contracts: Dividend Restrictions and Capital Rationing,” 2004; Harvard University.
Xiaohui (Gloria) Liu: “Analysts’ Response to Earnings Management,” 2004; University of Texas, Dallas.
Emre Karaoglu: “Regulatory Capital and Earnings Management in Banks: The Case of Loan Sales and Securitization,” 2002; University of Southern California.
Stephen Brown: “The Impact of Pension Assumptions on Firm Valuation," 2001; Emory University.
Ole-Kristian Hope: “A Study of International Variations in the Financial Reporting Environment, Disclosure Practices and Analysts’ Forecasts,” 2001; University of Toronto.
Bjorn Jorgensen: “Essays on Accounting, Capital Structure, and Risk Management,” 1999; Harvard University.
Kin Lo: “Economic Consequences of Changes in Executive Compensation Disclosure Rules,” 1999; University of British Columbia.
Reuven Lehavy: “Reliability of Fresh Start Financial Statements and the Association Between Firms’ Values and Accounting Numbers after Adoption of Fresh Start Reporting,” 1997; University of California-Berkeley.