Past Seminars





Title of Paper
Sept. 22

Jack Hughes

166, Leverone Hall Leverage, Excess Leverage, and Future Returns 149KB, 39 pgs. doc
Oct. 5 Alfred Wagenhofer
University of Graz
G36, Leverone Hall Earnings Quality Metrics and What they Measure,398KB, 78 pgs. pdf
Oct. 06 George Serafeim
Harvard University
166 Leverone Hall Analyst Forecast Revisions and Noise in Stock Prices, 211KB, 32 pgs. pdf
Oct. 27 Feng Li
University of Michigan
Room 166, Leverone Hall Managers’ Self-Serving Attribution Bias and Corporate Financial Policies, 192KG, 37 pgs, pdf
Nov. 10 Dennis Campbell
Harvard University
Room G05, Leverone Hall Employee Selection as a Control System, 310 KB, 55 pgs. pdf
Nov. 17 Stefan Reichelstein
Stanford University
Room 165 Leverone Hall
10:30 - 12:00
Conservatism Correction for the Market-to-Book Ratio, 508KB, 51 pgs. pdf
Dec. 01 Doug Skinner
University of Chicago
Room 166, Leverone Hall Measuring Securities Litigation Risk, 737KB, 57 pgs. pdf
Jan. 5 Mary Lea McAnally
Texas A&M
G03, Leverone Hall CEO Incentives and Downside Risk, 362KB, 43 pgs. pdf
Jan. 12

Alon Kalay
University of Chicago

G03, Leverone Hall Investor Sophistication, Disclosure and the information Environment of the Firm
Jan. 19

Nemit Shroff
University of Michigan

G03, Leverone Hall Managerial Investment and Changes in GAAP: An Internal Consequence of External Reporting, 527 KB, 61 pgs. pdf
Jan. 26

Anna Costello
Universityof Chicago

G03, Leverone Hall Mitigating Incentive Conflicts in inter-Firm Relationships: Evidence from long-Term Supply Contracts, 381 KB, 55pgs, pdf
Jan. 31

Richard R. Townsend
Harvard University

G03 Propagation of Financial Shocks: The Case of Venture Capital, 795 KB, 51 pgs, pdf
Feb. 2

Kenneth Merkley
University of Michigan

G03, Leverone Hall More than Numbers: R&D-related Disclosure and Firm Performance, 845 KB, 54 pgs, pdf
Feb. 7

Sanjay Banerjee
University of Minnesota

G42, Leverone Hall Analysts' Forecasts: The Roles of reputational Ranking and Trading Commissions, 885 KB, 61 pgs, pdf
Feb. 9

Clare Wang
University of Pennsylvania

G03, Leverone Hall Accounting Standards Harmonization and Financial Statement Comparability: Evidence from Transnational Information Transfer, 688KB, 51 pgs, pdf
Feb. 16

Dimitris Vrettos
Michigan State University

G03, Leverone Hall Are relative performance measures in CEO Incentive Contracts used for Risk reduction and/or Strategic Interaction? 796KB, 69 pgs., pdf
Feb. 21

Andrew Acito
Iowa State University

G42, Leverone Hall Does Quarterly Earnings Guidance Increase or Reduce Earnings Management?, 690KB, 42 pgs., pdf
Feb. 23

Brian Burnett
University of Colorado

G03, Leverone Hall Market Implications of Voluntary Accounting Disclosures in the Absence of a Mandatory Disclosure Requirement, 185KB, 35 pgs., pdf
March 2

James Naughton
Harvard University

G03, Leverone Hall The impact of Footnote Transparency on Managerial Discretion: Evidence from FAS132R Pension Disclosure, 303KB, 47 pgs., pdf
March 9 Phillip Stocken
Dartmouth College
Room 561, Leverone Hall Managerial Reporting, Overconfidence, and Litigation Rish, 332KB, 37 pgs. pdf
March 30 Andrew Leone
University of Miami
Room 166, Leverone Hall Accounting Restatements and Auditor Accountability, 486KB, 42 pgs, pdf
Apr. 6 Haresh Sapra
University of Chicago
Room 166, Leverone Hall Agency Conflicts, Prudential Regulation, and Marking to Market, 409KB, 52 pgs. pdf.
Apr. 13 Eugene Soltes
Harvard University
Room 166, Leverone Hall The Determinants of Coverage in the Business Press, 332KB, 38 pgs, pdf
Apr. 20 Richard Sloan
Room 166, Leverone Hall Accrual Reversals, Earnings and Stock Returns, 618KB, 57 pgs. pdf.
Apr. 27 Brian Rountree
Rice University
Room 166, Leverone Hall Regulation and Accounting Conservatism, 212KB, 39 pgs, pdf
May 18 Mark Lang
Room 166, leverone Hall Listing Choices and Self-Regulation: The Experience of the AIM, 826KB, 54 pgs, pdf
June 1 Daniel Taylor Room 166, leverone Hall TBA





Title of Paper
9-8-09 Hyun Song Shin
Princeton University
Rm. 165, Leverone Hall Financial Intermediary Balance Sheet Management (Slides) pdf, 49 pgs. 350KB,
9-9-09 Hyun Song Shin
Princeton University
Rm. 165, Leverone Hall Balance Sheet Management and the Price of Risk (Slides) pdf, 39 pgs. 328 KB
9-16-09 Jimmy Kiat Bee Lee
Kellogg School of Management
Rm. 4214
Finance Conference Rm.
Moral Hazard, Firms' Internal Governance and Management Earnings Forecasts pdf, 54 pgs. 788KB

Valeri Nikolaev
University of Chicago

Rm. 166, Leverone Hall Contracting on Mandatory Changes to GAAP: New Practice and Its Determinants pdf, 41 pages, 173KB
10-21-09 Anne Beatty
Ohio State University
Rm. 166, Leverone Hall Regulatory Capital Ratios, Loan Loss Provisioning and Pro-cyclicality pdf, 49 pages, 2mb
11-10-09 Rafael Rogo
Northwestern University
Rm. 166, Leverone Hall The Effect of Valuation Uncertainty in the Choice of Selling mechanism, pdf, 51 pgs. 908 KB

Christo Karuna
University of Houston

166 Leverone Hall CEO reputation and internal corporate governance, pdf, 55 pgs. 420 KB
12-2-09 Ilia Dichev
Emory University
Rm. 166, Leverone Hall Higher Risk, Lower Returns: What hedge fund investors really earn (doc, 46 pgs. 218KB)

Jennifer Blouin

Rm. 166, Leverone Hall Is U.S. Multinational intra-Firm Dividend Policy Influenced by Capital Market Incentives? pdf, 57 pgs. 263KB
1-13-10 Gong Guojin
Penn State University
Rm. G36, Leverone Hall Relative Performance Evaluation and Related Peer Groups in Executive Compensation Contracts
pdf, 59 pgs. 277 KB
3-31-09 Mark Defond
University of Southern California
Rm. 166, Leverone Hall The Impact of Mandatory IFRS Adoption on Foreign Mutual Fund Ownership: The Role of Comparability, pdf 47 pgs. 116 KB
4-14-10 Charles Lee
Stanford University
Rm. 166, Leverone Hall Evaluating Implied Cost of Capital Estimates, pdf, 40 pgs. 375KB
4-21-10 Rodrigo Verdi
Rm. 166, Leverone Hall The Benefits of Financial Statement Comparability, pdf, 47 pgs. 280KB
5-12-10 Richard Saouma
Rm. 166 Leverone Hall Testing Incentives in a Buyer-Seller Relationship, pdf, 48 pgs. 388KB
5-19-10 Maria Ogneva
Stanford University
Rm. 166, Leverone Hall Corporate Diversification and the Cost of Capital, pdf, 50 pgs., 168KB
6-2-10 Miles Gietzmann
Case School of Business - UK
Rm. 166, Leverone Hall Using Voluntary Disclosure Intensity to Infer the Precision of Management's Vision, pdf, 29 pgs, 226KB





Title of Paper

Gavin Cassar
Univ. of Pennsylvania

Rm. 4214, North Wing Determinants of Hedge Fund Internal Controls and Fees (478 KB, pdf, 47 pages)

Dorin Nissim
Columbia Univ.

Rm. 4214, North Wing Activity-Based Valuation of Bank Holding Companies (235 KB, pdf, 63 pages)
10-29 Alan Jagolinzer
Stanford Univ.
Rm 4214, North Wing Scienter Disclosure (723KB, pdf, 47 pages)
11-05 Brian Bushee
Univ. of Pennsylvania
Room 165 Leverone Hall Capital Market Consequences of Conference Presentations (222 KB, word doc, 54 pages)
11-12 Peter Easton
Univ. of Notre Dame
TBA Price-convexity, debt-related agency costs, and timely loss recognition (280KB, pdf, 50 pages)
11-19 Madhav Rajan
Stanford Univ.
Rm. 165 Dynamics of Rate of Return regulation (331 KB, pdf, 50 pages)

Dora Altschuler

Rm. 160 Anticipation of Management Forecasts and Analysts' Incentives to Acquire Private Information
01-14 Camelia Kuhnen
Rm. 276, Leverone Hall Executive Pay, Hidden Compensation and Managerial Entrenchment (345KB, pdf, 57 pages)
01-21 Edward Riedl
Harvard University
Room 4214, Jacobs Ctr. Insider Trading and Fair Value Estimates: Evidence from Goodwill Impairments under SFAS 142 (809 KB, pdf, 42 pages)

Reining Chen Ohio State University

(10:00 - 11:30) Rm. 165 Leverone Hall Regulation Fair Disclosure and Capital Structure (297 KB, pdf, 52 pages)
01-30 Bag Lunch Seminar
Ivan Marinovic
(12:00 - 1:30)
Rm. 6225, Jacobs Ctr.
The Dynamics of Disclosure Credibility

Edwige Cheynel
Carnegie Mellon University

(10-00- 11:30)
Rm. 165, Leverone Hall

A Theory of Voluntary Disclosure and Cost of Capital (404 KB, pdf, 60 pages)
02-11 Recruiting
Ian Gow
Stanford University
Room 276 Leverone Halll The Role of Corporate Governance in Debt Contracting and Conservatism
02/18 Recruiting
Karthik Balakrishnan
Room 160, Leverone Hall Credit Market Conditions and Economy-wide Consequences of Financial Reporting Quality (580 KB, pdf, 57 pages)
02/25 Recruiting
Marcus Kirk
Emory University
276 Leverone Hall The Effect of Investor Relations on Income Objectives and Meeting Expectations
03-11 Recruiting
Kalin Kolev
Room G36, Leverone Hall Do Investors Perceive Marking-to-Model as Marking-to-Myth? Early Evidence from FAS 157 Disclosure (445 KB, pdf, 51 pages)
04-22 Mohan Venkatachalam
Duke University
Room 166, Leverone hall The Impact of influential Investors on Accounting, Governance and Investing Decisions: The Case of Warren Buffett and Bershire Hathaway 265KB, pdf, 66 pages)

Gary Chen

Rm. 6225, Jacobs Ct - AIM Conference Room Earnings Management and Proxy Fights in Firms Targeted by Activist Hedge Funds
05-20 Judson Caskey
Room 166, Leverone Hall Fair Value Accounting and Debt Contracting Efficiency (961KB, pdf, 52 pgs.)





Title of Paper
Oct. 10th Jeffrey Hales
University of Texas-Austin
Rm. 165, Leverone Hall An Experimental Investigation of the Positive and Negative Effects of Mutual Observation (PDF 194 KB / 46 pages)
Oct. 17th Darren Roulstone
University of Chicago
Room 165, Leverone Hall The Effects of Insider Trading Regulation on Trade Timing, Litigation Risk, and Profitability (word doc, 38 pages)
Oct. 24th K. R. Subramanyam
Rm. 165, Leverone Hall Earnings Guidance and Managerial Myopia (PDF, 202KB, 50 pages)
Nov. 7th Mary Ellen Carter
Univ. of Pennsylvania
Rm. 165, Leverone Hall The Role and Effect of Compensation Consultants on CEO Pay (PDF, 332 KB, 35 pages)
Nov. 14th

Bin Ke

Rm. 165, Leverone Hall Do Cross-listed Firms provide the same quality disclosure as U.S. firms? Evidence from the Internal Control Deficiency.....(PDF, 352 KB, 43 pages)
Nov. 28th

Pierre Jinghong Liang
Carnegie Mellon Univ.

TBA Voluntary Disclosure of Market Size in Dynamic Oligopolies (PDF, 1,760 KB, 34 pages)
Dec. 5th Richard C. Sansing
Dartmouth College
Rm. 165, Leverone Hall The Effect of Tax-Exempt Investors on Stock Ownership and the Dividend Tax Penalty (word doc; 861 KB, 41 pages)
Jan. 23rd Gilles Hilary Rm. 2245, Jacobs Ctr. Accounting Quality and Catastrophic Market Events (PDF, 269 KB, 51 pages)
Jan. 30 David Erkens Arizona State University Room 4214, Jacobs Ctr. The Influence of R&D Investments and Property Rights on Compensation Arrangements (PDF, 265 KB, 47 pages)
Feb. 6th Anup Srivastava Texas A&M University Rm. 2245, Jacobs Ctr. The Challenges of Improving Revenue-Recognition Standard for Multiple-Element Firms: Evidence from the Software Industry (SOP 97-2) (PDF, 648 KB, 49 pages)
Feb. 12th Jeremy Bertomeu, CMU Room 165, Leverone Hall Risk Management, Executive Compensation and the Cross-Section of Corporate Earnings (PDF, 2 MB, 42 pages)
Feb. 13th Scott Dyreng Univ. of North Carolina Room 4214, Jacobs Ctr. The Cost of Private Debt Covenant Violation (PDF, 850 KB, 55 pages)
Feb. 20th John McInnis
University of Iowa
Room 4214, Jacobs Ctr. Are Smoother Earnings Associated with a Lower Cost of Equity Capital?
February 25th Ryan Ball, Univ. of North Carolina Room 165, Leverone Hall Does Anticipated Information Impose a Cost on Risk-Averse Investors? (PDF, 370 KB, 48 pages)
Feb. 27th

Pingyang Gao, Yale University

Room 4214, Jacobs Ctr. Disclosure Quality, Cost of Capital, and Investors' Welfare (PDF, 275 KB, 44 pages)
March 3rd Kyle Peterson, University of Michigan Room 165 Leverone Hall Accounting Complexity and Misreporting: Manipulation or Mistake? (PDF, 252 KB, 49 pages)
March 5th Jeffrey Ng University of Pennsylvania Room G36, Leverone Hall The Effect of Information Quality on Liquidity Risk (PDF, 392 KB, 59 pages)
March 6th Jingjing Zhang, Northwestern University Room 6225, Jacobs Ctr.
Bag Lunch Seminar
Accounting Conservatism and Private Debt Contracting (PDF, 656 KB, 47 pages)
March 10th Rick Mergenthaler University of Washington Room 165, Leverone Hall Principles-Based versus Rules-Based Accounting Standards and Extreme Cases of Earnings Management (PDF, 269 KB, 47 pages)
March 12th Craig Chapman Harvard University Room G36, Leverone Hall The Effects of Real Earnings Management on the Firm, Its Competitors and Subsequent Reporting Periods (PDF, 336 KB, 64 pages)
March 14th Sarah Zechman Univ. of Pennsylvania Room 165 Leverone Hall The Relation Between Voluntary Disclosure and Financial Reporting: Evidence from Synthetic Leases (PDF, 313 KB, 57 pages)
March 17th Emanuel Zur New York University Room 4212 The Power of Reputation: Hedge Fund Activists (PDF, 166 KB, 56 pages)
March 19th Sean Wang Cornell University Room 160, Leverone Hall When Informed Agents Disagree (PDF,377 KB, 43 pages)
April 30 Robert Bloomfield Room G36, Leverone Hall Financial Accounting Standards Research Initiative Survey Project
May 7th Mary E. Barth
Stanford University
Room 165, Leverone Hall Exclusion of Stock-based Compensation Expense from Analyst Earnings Forecasts: Incentive-and Information-based Explanations (PDF, 194 KB, 40 pages)
June 4th

Ivan Marinovic Ph.D Candidate
Northwestern University

Room 165, Leverone Hall Informativeness of Rating Agency Reports"





Title of Paper
09/20/06 Shiva Rajgopal
Univ. of Washington

Rm 561, Leverone Hall

Neighborhood Matters: The Impact of Location on Broad Based Stock Option Plans (PDF 163 KB / 28 pages)

Joel Demski
University of Florida

Rm 165, Leverone Hall Asset Revaluation Regulation (PDF 324 KB / 48 pages)

Robert Magee
Northwestern University

Rm 561, Leverone Hall
(12:00 - 1:30)
Reasonably Certain Estimates, Recognition, and Communication of Uncertainty (PDF 348 KB / 43 pages)


Phil Berger
Univ. of Chicago

Rm G45, Leverone Hall

Firm Specific Information and the Cost of Equity Capital (PDF 198 KB / 36 pages)
11/08/06 Stephen Brown
Emory University
Rm G45, Leverone Hall The Effect of Meeting or Missing Earnings Expectations on Information Asymmetry(PDF 253 KB / 40 pages)
11/28/06 Ewa Sletten

Rm G42, Leverone Hall

The Effect of Stock Price on Discretionary Disclosure (PDF 261 KB / 49 pages)


Florin Vasvari
London Business School

Rm 165, Leverone Hall

The Debt-Contracting Value of Accounting Information and Loan Syndicate Structure(PDF 358 KB / 45 pages)

12/06/06 Brian Cadman
Jayanthi Sunder
Northwestern University
Rm, 165, Leverone Hall (12:00 -1:30) Investor Horizon and CEO Incentives (PDF 355 KB / 40 pages)

Gregory Waymire
Emory University

Rm 165, Leverone Hall Recordkeeping Changes the Course of Economic History (Word doc 1.15 KB / 22 pages)

N. V. Ramanan
Northwestern University

Rm 6225 Jacobs Ctr. (AIM Conference Room) Corporate Governance, Regulation and Earnings Management

Andrew Call
Washington University

Rm. 4214
Andersen Hall
(Finance Dept.)
The Implications of Cash Flow Forecasts for Investors' Pricing and Managers' Reporting of Earnings (PDF 178 KB / 55 pages)

Jiewei Yu
Ohio State University

Rm. G05, Leverone Hall Loan Spreads and Unexpected Earnings: Do Banks Know What Analysts Don't Know? (PDF 178 KB / 45 pages)

Kirill Novoselov
University of Teas-Austin

Rm.. 165, Leverone Hall Internal Controls and Collusion
02/21/07 Tatiana Fedyk
University of California-Berkeley
Rm. G05 , Leverone Hall Discontinuity in Earnings Reports and Managerial Incentives (PDF 290 KB /36 pages)

Joseph Gerakos
University of Pennsylvania

Rm. 165, Leverone Hall CEO Pensions: Disclosure, Managerial Power, and Optimal Contracting (PDF 763 KB/ 46 pages)

Wan Wongsunwai
Harvard University

Rm. G05, Leverone Hall Does Venture Capitalist Quality Affect Corporate Governance? (PDF164 KB /52 pages)

Joseph Piotroski
University of Chicago

Rm. 165, Leveron Hall The Sarbanes-Oxley Act and the F low of International Listings (974 KB / 51 pages)

Francois Brochet

Rm. 165, Leverone Hall
(1:15 - 2:45)
Information Content of Insider Trades: Before and after the Sarbanes-Oxley Act (585 KB / 45 pages)

Xiaoyan Wen
Carnegie Mellon University

Rm. 165, Leverone Hall Disclosures and Investments (PDF 315 KB/36 pages)

Christopher Armstrong
Stanford University

Rm. 166, Leverone Hall The Incentives of Equity-Based Compensation and Wealth
04/04/07 Thomas Lys
Northwestern University
Rm. 166, Leverone Hall An Examination of the Impact of the Sarbanes-Oxley Act on the Attractiveness of US Capital Markets for Foreign Firms (PDF 458KB/ 48 pages)
04/18/07 Dora Altschuler
Northwestern University

Rm. G42, Leverone Hall
12:00 - 1:30

Discretionary Disclosure of Cash Flows from Discontinued Operations


Nahum Melumad
Columbia University

Rm. 166, Leverone Hall

Operating Profit Variation Analysis: Implications for Future Earnings and Equity Values


Eva Sletten
Northwestern University

Doctoral Defense, Rm. 4214, Andersen Hall, 10:00-12:00 TBA

Ramanan Natarajan
Northwestern University

Doctoral Defense, Rm. 430, Anderson Hall, 12:15 - 2:15

Essays on disclosure and corporate governance
05/09/07 Rafael Rogo 6225 Jacobs, (AIM Conference Room Information and Cost of Capital with Uncertainty about Types

Kiat Bee Lee
Northwestern University
Rm. 166, Leverone Hall Earnings Management to Just Meet Analysts' Forecoast

Andrew Hertzberg
Northwestern University

Room 619
Leverone Hall
Conference Rm) 12:15-1:15

Information and Incentives Inside the Firm: Evidence From Loan Officer Rotation (PDF 571 KB/ 50 pages)


Joe Weber

Rm. 166, Leverone Hall The Role of Accounting Quality in Reducing Investment Inefficiency in the Presence of Private Information and Direct Monitoring (word doc 241KB/ 37 pages)