Events of the last several years have taught everyone how important accounting is to the proper functioning of capital markets, as well as to the proper governance of corporations. Business leaders with a solid understanding of accounting are more effective as analysts, investors, creditors, senior managers, in short, all areas concerned with judging a firm's performance.

The Kellogg School's accounting courses improve students' understanding of the mapping between a firm's underlying economic performance and its accounting reports of that performance. The mission of the Accounting Information & Management faculty is to prepare managers to be sophisticated interpreters of internal and external accounting reports, as well as excellent communicators of financial information about their own firms' performance.

Our faculty members are at the leading edge of accounting research and practice. Accounting faculty members at the Kellogg School are on the editorial boards of the leading accounting research journals, have occupied prominent advisory positions for the major accounting standard-setting boards, and are actively involved in advising companies about the latest accounting developments. They bring a high level of knowledge and enthusiasm about accounting to the Kellogg educational experience.