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3 lessons every new leader should know
January 10, 2015
Article by Dean Sally Blount advises people in leadership positions for the first time to recognize why they were picked, to build their teams and to find two or three good advisors.

Business Insider
New Study Reveals What It Takes For Women To Become Fortune 500 CEOs
November 11, 2014
Quotes Dean Sally Blount, who said, “If we want our best and brightest young women to become great leaders, we have to convince more of them that their first job out of college ought to be in business, and they should be going for the big jobs regardless of what career they want to pursue."

Harvard Business Review
Research: How Female CEOs Actually Get to the Top
November 6, 2014
Article quotes Dean Sally Blount, who said, “If we want our best and brightest young women to become great leaders…we have to convince more of them that … they should be going for the big jobs.”

Poets & Quants
Why Obama Went To The Kellogg School
October 2, 2014
Article reports that President Obama chose to speak at Kellogg because of the faculty relationships with the White House and the diversity of the students. Quotes Dean Sally Blount, who said, “We represent such a diversity of political views and our MBAs go into a greater diversity of jobs in the economy than the other top five business schools.”

Inspiring Growth at Kellogg
September 22, 2014
Article reports on Kellogg’s new brand strategy. Quotes Dean Sally Blount, “Growth has long been the imperative and continues to be the biggest challenge that every organization faces.”

Education Post Hong Kong
Kellogg School of Management launches new brand strategy focused on inspiring growth
September 16, 2014
Article reports on Kellogg’s new brand strategy. Quotes Dean Sally Blount, who said, “Our 'inspiring growth' brand strategy highlights the important dual meaning of the English word ‘growth’ – both in terms of increasing economic value and increasing self-knowledge and insight.”

For companies to grow, why bigger is not always better
September 15, 2014
Article by Dean Sally Blount argues that growth is becoming less defined by absolute size and more defined by the speed and agility that comes from clarity of purpose, strategic insight and decisive action.

Poets & Quants
Kellogg School’s New Growth Mantra: The Transformation Behind Another New Tagline
September 15, 2014
Article reports on Kellogg’s new brand strategy of “inspiring growth” and how Kellogg has grown in the past four years, including the addition of 55 new courses, the launch of the Masters in Management Studies, the partnership with Guanghua School of Management and a new building. Quotes Dean Sally Blount and Chief Marketing and Engagement Officer Tim Simonds. Article also appeared in Fortune.

Fast Company
Why The First Years After College Are Crucial For Women Aiming For The C-Suite
July 16, 2014
Article by Dean Sally Blount, who writes that a woman’s first job is a time for her to gain credentials, take risks and travel rather than focus on comfort or balance.

Thomson Reuters
Heard around Aspen
July 2, 2014
Quotes Dean Sally Blount, who said, "Making a customer happy is almost a spiritual experience. It gives you a sense of purpose."

Five Lessons Board Directors Can Learn From Activist Investors
June 3, 2014
Article by Dean Sally Blount outlines the five key lessons she’s learned, both as a dean and board director, from activist investors, who have a growing presence in Fortune 500 companies.

Yes, the World Needs More MBAs. Here’s Why
May 13, 2014
Article by Dean Sally Blount, in which she argues that more MBAs are needed because business is “the dominant social institution of our age,” yet “it falls short in its potential to serve our global society.”

Blue Sky Innovation
Sally Blount, Valerie Jarrett talk women in C-suite
April 18, 2014
Article reports on Dean Sally Blount’s meeting at the White House with deans from the top 14 business schools and Senior Adviser to the President Valerie Jarrett to discuss ways of increasing women’s representation in business.

The Wall Street Journal
B-School Deans Get to Work at the White House
April 17, 2014
Article covers Wednesday's meeting between White House senior administrators and deans from the top 14 U.S. business schools, including Kellogg. Deans discussed how to improve workplace conditions for working families, particularly women.

Poets & Quants
B-School Deans' White House Pow-Wow
April 17, 2014
Article covers the meeting of White House senior administrators with business school deans, including Dean Sally Blount, and focuses on their discussion of the pay gap between male and female MBA graduates.

White House calls in the deans
April 16, 2014
Dean Sally Blount and other deans from top business schools met with senior administration officials at the White House to discuss how to best prepare their students as leaders for the 21st century workplace.

Chicago Magazine
100 Most Powerful Chicagoans 2014
March 1, 2014
Dean Blount ranks 59th on Chicago Magazine's Power 100 list.
Guess How Many Big 10 Business College Deans are Women
October 16, 2013
Reports there are eight women deans in the Big Ten Conference, including Dean Blount.

Live Mint & The Wall Street Journal
Our mission is to prepare next generation of leaders: Sally Blount
September 4, 2013
Dean Blount discussed preparing our next generation of leaders, the need to reinvent business education, and the importance of technology in this Q&A.

Poets and Quants
Indian School of Business
June 22, 2013
The article notes academic partnerships between the Kellogg School and the Indian School of Business, and Dean Sally Blount's position on ISB's board.

Chicago Business Journal
Kellogg School debuts new CMO program
June 3, 2013
The article notes the introduction of the Kellogg School's new CMO program, an executive development program for individuals who are likely candidates for chief marketing officer positions. From the article: Noted Kellogg Dean Sally Blount: "Kellogg is widely recognized as a world leader in marketing. We're building on that heritage with this dynamic new program that will explore the CMO's critical role in driving growth and championing a customer-focused perspective."

Bloomberg Businessweek (Getting In blog)
More B-School Deans Should Be Meteorologists
June 3, 2013
The article notes Dean Sally Blount's experience in both the corporate and higher education worlds as an asset in her role as dean.

Bloomberg Businessweek (Getting In blog)
Q&A: Kellogg's Sally Blount
May 16, 2013
In this Q&A interview, Dean Sally Blount gives an update on changes and new initiatives at the Kellogg School during her tenure.

Poets & Quants
The big schools
May 9, 2013
In the article, Dean Sally Blount discusses the rise in application rates at the Kellogg School, as well as Kellogg's launch of a one-year MS in Management Studies program, job placement for Kellogg MBAs, the school's curriculum review, and major focus on entrepreneurship. From the article: "One of the reasons we are seeing the growth is that people are feeling the buzz," [Blount] said. "The kind of feedback we're getting is great. It's the result of a lot of hard work on the part of a great team of people."

Chicago Tribune
The big schools
April 15, 2013
The article highlights the Kellogg School among MBA programs in the Chicago area. From the article: What dean Sally Blount would say to a prospective student about the MBA program: "We equip students with an understanding of customers, and how to build markets, strengthen organizations and create lasting value in the marketplace. Kellogg students experience a distinctive, collaborative culture; enjoy an academically rigorous environment; and join a powerful global community."

Crain's Chicago Business
Higher education has nothing to fear from high tech
April 5, 2013
In the opinion piece, Dean Sally Blount writes about the future importance of online learning networks and new technologies in higher education. From the article: it's clear that the innovation and experimentation taking place online will drive greater focus and quality in face-to-face learning — making it even more valuable. So for us at Kellogg, it isn't a question of technology replacing the university and business school; it's about combining high tech with the high-touch, in-person approach. Only by leveraging technology can we most effectively develop face-to-face educational models that maximize deep learning, that is, learning that fully engages the brain both intellectually and socially.

U.S. News and World Report
MBA Programs Evolve to Meet Student Needs
March 12, 2013
The article highlights the Kellogg School's focus on non-traditional disciplines including innovation and entrepreneurship; private enterprise/public policy interface; markets and customers; and architectures of collaboration. From the article: Educators agree that there's no end to change in sight. "The next five years will be the biggest time of change in education that we're ever seen," says Kellogg Dean Sally Blount, who thinks getting an MBA online for little or no money will become a reality in the near future.

Huffington Post
Why collaboration is critical for future leaders
February 11, 2013
In the video interview, which is part of a series produced by Cisco on using innovation to create future impact, Dean Sally Blount discusses the importance of effective communication and collaboration in today’s business world.

Calcalist (Tel Aviv)
"השוק החופשי לא צריך לקבוע את כל"
January 6, 2013
The article highlights remarks on negotiation by Dean Sally Blount during a visit to Israel.

Poets & Quants for Executives
The New Kellogg Path to Leadership
November 8, 2012
The article profiles Kellogg’s Executive Career Acceleration Program (ECAP), a leadership training initiative in partnership with Korn/Ferry for Kellogg’s executive MBA program. From the article: Adnan Rukieh, director of career services for Kellogg School of Management’s EMBA program, describes the ECAP as something of a connection between the holistic approach to leadership provided by the school and the corporate approach fostered by Korn/Ferry’s consulting arm. The Kellogg Career Management Center devised the program along with Dean Sally Blount, Kellogg’s Management and Organizations Department, and Korn/Ferry, which came up with the 27 competencies for the student assessments. “The competencies are part of Korn/Ferry’s database,” Rukieh says. “They’ve been tracking these all around the world for 30 years.”
Top Chinese, Indian Deans endorse collaboration @ Shanghai MBA Conf
October 23, 2012
The article notes Dean Sally Blount was a speaker at the 4th International Business School Shanghai Conference (IBSSC).
Old MBA edu Model Dead: Kellogg Dean @ Shanghai MBA Conference
October 20, 2012
The article highlights Dean Sally Blount’s opening address at the International Business School Shanghai Conference (IBSSC). In her address, Dean Blount said, "We are living in a ‘collaboration economy’. Power comes from building interconnections between entities, rather than from assets and older established channels. The ‘knowledge workers’, enabled by technology, are becoming more of ‘linked workers’. Hence, the nature of ‘work’ is changing. In this new age, we must teach how to collaborate better, rather than merely teach the conceptual models as we did in the past."
B schools in India: 4th IBSSC to bring Indian, Chinese B-Schools closer
October 13, 2012
The article notes Dean Sally Blount’s participation at the upcoming International Business School Shanghai Conference (IBSSC). The theme of the conference is "Business Education in Emerging Markets."

Wall Street Journal (At Work Blog)
B-Schools Send Women Up the Ranks
August 2, 2012
The article names Dean Sally Blount as an example of a rising female leader in management education.

Crain’s Chicago Business
Advice to Yahoo CEO Mayer: You have one life to live
July 19, 2012
Dean Sally Blount congratulates Marissa Meyer on her appointment as Yahoo’s CEO, and writes about the challenges of balancing family life with a fulfilling career.

Course teaches valuable skill sets
July/August 2012
The article notes Dean Sally Blount in a profile of female deans at U.S. business schools.

South China Morning Post (Education Post)
Course teaches valuable skill sets
June 3, 2012
Dean Sally Blount discusses the Kellogg-HKUST Executive MBA program and the importance of balanced, diverse coursework to prepare tomorrow’s leaders for the global business environment.

TIME (Global Spin blog)
Mexico Takes Deserved Bows (and Some Boos) at the World Economic Forum in Puerto Vallarta
April 18, 2012
From the article: Like so many analysts, they worry that Latin America – despite its watershed economic boom and the encouraging growth of its middle class – has become too reliant on commodity exports and is straggling in areas like education, which are crucial to improving the region’s paltry high-tech capacity and its still epic inequality. "When you look at the higher education infrastructure that other emerging countries like India and China have now, it’s just not as developed in Latin America," says Sally Blount, dean of the Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University and a WEF Latin America co-chair. "You have to promote intellectual capital."

Mexico Today
Sally Blount of the Kellogg School of Management Discusses the Role Education Will Play at the World Economic Forum
April 16, 2012
In this video, Dean Sally Blount discusses the significance of the World Economic Forum on Latin America and the importance of education to the region’s economic growth. Blount is a co-chairperson of this year’s event.

El Economista (Mexico)
Competitividad de AL, centro en agenda del WEF
April 15, 2012
The article notes Dean Sally Blount will be among the attendees at the World Economic Forum on Latin America, a gathering of leaders to discuss challenges and opportunities in the region. Blount is a co-chairperson of this year’s event.
CEO to CEO: Why Your Strategy is Failing
April 12, 2012
From the article: Sally Blount, dean of Northwestern University’s Kellogg School of Management, one of the top business schools in the world, observes that a good strategy transforms a compelling vision into concrete outcomes. "There are two challenges; one is finding a plan that makes sense, and the other is execution, taking it from a concept to actually making it happen."

Poder Hispanic Magazine
Brave New Business World
April 1, 2012
Dean Sally Blount discusses Kellogg’s “Think Bravely” campaign, the future of business leadership, and its expansion in Miami and globally.

Washington Post (On Leadership)
In birth control debate, a sacred question
February 13, 2012
Dean Sally Blount discusses leadership in the context of the debate around whether religiously affiliated employers should be required to provide insurance coverage for birth-control services.

Inside Higher Ed (StratEDgy blog)
Musings on the MBA Market
February 8, 2012
From the article: Hats off to Kellogg! It’s rare to see a market leader remaking its up-to-this-point-wildly-successful business model, but this is exactly what the new Dean, Sally Blount, is doing.

The Economist
Kellogg School of Management: 21st century knocks
February 7, 2012
From the article: Dean Sally Blount says, "Business is still the dominant social institution of our time, as it was in the late 20th century, but it is very different now. The depth of understanding that you cannot separate private enterprise from public policy is far more profound than anyone saw. And that has huge implications on what you do as a business educator."

Poets & Quants
Kellogg To Shrink Two-Year MBA Program
February 6, 2012
The article profiles Envision Kellogg, a comprehensive plan for how the school will shape business education and thought leadership. The article also appeared on From the article: “It is an alternative model of general management education,” said Blount. "We’ve created these four impact areas because the problems businesses need to solve don’t fall into a single disciplinary bucket anymore. We will reorganize how we do our research and what we have in our curriculum."

Bloomberg Businessweek (Getting In blog)
Kellogg Overhaul Will Shrink MBA, Revise Curriculum
February 6, 2012
The article profiles Envision Kellogg, a comprehensive plan for how the school will shape business education and thought leadership. From the article: Blount sees the new Kellogg as better suited to what she calls the "collaboration economy," one where value is created through "immense, dense human connection" facilitated by technology.

Wall Street Journal
What's News from B-Schools
February 6, 2012
From the article: "The globalization of commerce has led to the globalization of higher education," Ms. Blount said. "If you're going to be a premier competitor, you better have a global reputation."

Financial Times
Moving targets
January 30, 2012
The article quotes Dean Sally Blount as it discusses globalization, urbanization, and the importance of location to business schools.

U.S. News & World Report
Business School Deans Adopt a New Leadership Profile
December 30, 2011
Dean Sally Blount comments on the new leadership qualities needed for business school deans.

Bloomberg Businessweek
More Business Schools Want CEOs For Deans, Not Academics
December 29, 2011
The article notes Dean Sally Blount and a report by the Korn/Ferry Institute about the new type of business school deans.

Wall Street Journal
Where Business Thinkers Learn Their Lessons
December 28, 2011
Dean Sally Blount recommends a book for business leaders.

Bloomberg Businessweek
B-School Deans: Big Hopes for 2012 and Beyond
December 21, 2011
From the article: For starters, some educators think traditional teaching methods can be stale and should be reconsidered. They want business schools to take more risks and produce graduates capable of confronting the world’s problems. "Looking ahead to 2012, it is critical for management education to inspire students, the next generation of business leaders, to think deeply, creatively, and boldly about solving the complex, large-scale problems facing our global society," writes Sally Blount, dean of Northwestern University’s Kellogg School of Management, in an e-mail. "As educators, this means we must push boundaries in how we approach teaching and research. We must go beyond what has worked in the past to meet the current needs of this dynamic, vibrant planet of 7 billion people."

Chronicle of Higher Education
Business Schools Are Hiring A New Kind of Dean
December 16, 2011
From the article: Among the new breed of deans is Sally Blount, who last year was named dean of Northwestern University's Kellogg School of Management. Ms. Blount, who spent two years as a management consultant before becoming a professor, came from a background in management rather than economics or finance.

US News & World Report (MBA Admissions: Strictly Business blog)
B-School Leadership Through a Different Lens
December 2, 2011
From the article: As for Kellogg School's future, [Dean Sally] Blount says, "We're the people who brought team work and collaboration into the business school domain and changed how everyone is educating. We need to be doing that again. That's our role in the marketplace. It's Kellogg's job to constantly look forward about what education, research, and impact look like in the 21st century." The article also appeared on

Bloomberg Businessweek (Business School Explained blog)
Best Route to Financial Stability, MBA or CPA?
November 30, 2011
In this video, Dean Sally Blount discusses the value of the MBA.

Bloomberg Businessweek (Business School Explained blog)
Considering The Current Job Market, Is An MBA Worth It?
November 21, 2011
In this video, Dean Sally Blount discusses the value of an MBA degree.
Checking In With Kellogg’s Dean Sally Blount
October 21, 2011
The article profiles Dean Sally Blount.
Narrow Focus Threatens B-Schools, Says Kellogg’s Dean Blount
October 12, 2011
The article features excerpts from Dean Sally Blount’s opinion piece in the Financial Times.

Financial Times
Business schools must be wary of short-term myopia
October 7, 2011
Dean Sally Blount writes about challenges facing business and the need to expand “the intellectual lens of business education.”

Poets & Quants
Kellogg Dean Sally Blount’s Brave New Strategy
August 25, 2011
The article profiles Dean Sally Blount’s new brand and organizational strategy. The article also appeared on

Financial Times
Kellogg to establish a global footprint with new campuses
July 21, 2011
Dean Sally Blount discusses the school’s progress and future plans.

Bloomberg Businessweek
Kellogg's Sally Blount: My First Year
July 19, 2011
The Q&A features Dean Sally Blount’s reflections on her first year serving as the school’s dean.

Xinhua News Agency (China)
June 6, 2011
Dean Sally Blount discusses entrepreneurism in China.

Xinhua News Agency (China)
June 5, 2011
Dean Sally Blount discusses the global financial crisis and management education.

Chicago Tribune
Meet deans Sally Blount and Sunil Kumar
May 19, 2011
The article profiles Dean Sally Blount.

Chicago Daily Observer
Chicago Innovation Awards Board of Advisors Announced
May 12, 2011
The article notes Dean Sally Blount as being on the board of advisors for the Chicago Innovation Awards.

Chicago Tribune
Jobs improve for Kellogg and Booth MBA grads
May 9, 2011
Dean Sally Blount comments on the job market for MBAs.

Chicago Tribune (Chicago Breaking News)
Rocky Wirtz, other business leaders named to Chicago Innovation Awards board
May 2, 2011
The article notes Dean Sally Blount as being on the board of advisors for the Chicago Innovation Awards.

Crain’s Chicago Business
Chicago Innovation Awards names board of advisers
May 2, 2011
The article notes Dean Sally Blount as being on the board of advisors for the Chicago Innovation Awards.

Crain’s Chicago Business
Women to Watch 2011
April 30, 2011
The article features Dean Sally Blount as one of Crain’s 2011 Women to Watch.

Bloomberg BusinessWeek
The Best Undergraduate B-Schools of 2011
March 3, 2011
Dean Sally Blount discusses the importance of global perspectives in management education.

Sunday Times (UK)
Masters of the MBA universe
February 13, 2011
The article notes Dean Sally Blount’s goal for Kellogg: to educate leaders who will build strong organizations and leverage the power of the markets to improve society.

Washington Post (On Leadership blog)
Making social media stick
February 8, 2011
Dean Sally Blount writes about leadership and how social media can “motivate decisive, collective action over relatively short periods of time,” in light of the protests in Egypt.
Read the article

Financial Times
Time to innovate: the future of traditional business schools
January 31, 2011
In response to the question, “As the recently appointed leader of your business school, what was your New Year’s resolution?”, Dean Sally Blount says: To initiate discussions among faculty, students and alumni that explore what it takes to educate wise, collaboratively minded leaders – leaders who will build strong organizations and transform markets for the betterment of society.

Chicago Tribune
Seven to Watch
January 9, 2011
The article features Dean Sally Blount as one of seven leaders in Chicago to watch.

Washington Post
On Leadership blog: Confronting our human fallacies
January 4, 2011
Dean Sally Blount writes: The past can never be relived. It's over. There is no such thing as "undoing" it. Leaders must always focus on the present and the future, and work to identify what their organization needs to best get it from here to there. The world is changing so fast. The belief that any policy from the past is absolutely right (or wrong) is usually out of date by the time a new leader comes into office. As humans, we struggle with looking ahead. We struggle with change. It is so much easier to say in the face of potential change, "That's how we've always done it and it's worked," or, "We tried that before and it didn't work." Read the article

Big Think
Kellogg Dean Sally Blount: Education and Innovation Remain Crucial to America's Future
January 4, 2011
Dean Sally Blount talks about the future of management education. Watch the video

Financial Times
On a mission to find an MBA strategy
November 29, 2010
From the article: Although Prof Blount is clearly eager to get moving at Kellogg, she is also deeply thoughtful about the role of business and business schools. “Business is the dominant social institution of our age,” she says, “[although] you can agree or disagree that that is a good thing.” She says business needs people who are not making money every day – professors – to stand outside the system and reflect on what is happening. A social scientist by training, she believes that managers are still novices at creating effective organizations and have to face vast levels of complexity on a daily basis. She argues that technology, properly harnessed, can help deal with that complexity. “Our technology knowledge outstrips our ability to create robust organizations,” she adds. It may be a policy she employs as she drives to place Kellogg on a strong global footing.
Watch Sally’s interview with Business Education Editor Della Bradshaw

Poets & Quants (also appeared on
The First 100 Days of a New Kellogg Dean
November 24, 2010
From the article: If reviews from the school’s key stakeholders are any indication, [Sally] Blount’s 100-day debut, which ended earlier this month, has been highly successful. Students, alums, faculty and staff say Blount, drafted from New York University where she was dean of the undergraduate business program, brings tremendous energy and passion to the job, along with a sharp intellect. “She’s off to a fine start and has been doing a lot of good work meeting with key people and being open about what is on her mind,” says one long-time Kellogg observer. Adds an admiring faculty member: “She is hungry, humble, and smart, and she’s willing to lead.”

NPR (On Point)
Business School Deans on the Future
October 13, 2010
Dean Sally Blount discusses the state of the U.S. economy and the future of business education.

WirtschaftsWoche (Germany)
"Ich weise solche Vorwürfe von mir"
September 14, 2010
In this interview, Dean Sally Blount discusses her leadership role at Kellogg.

Washington Post
On Leadership
August 31, 2010
Dean Sally Blount writes: A primary job of leaders in these organizations is to provide a sense of purpose, a narrative for what that organization stands for and how it contributes to making the world a better place. Their job is to help give organizational members something to believe in when they come to work each day.

Financial Times
Collaboration brings rich rewards
May 23, 2010
From the article: There are a lot of expectations riding on Sally Blount, the first woman to be appointed dean of one of the top-tier US business schools. She will take over as dean at the Kellogg school at Northwestern University this summer, arguably becoming the most influential female dean in the world.

Financial Times
Kellogg appoints female dean
March 30, 2010
From the article: Prof Blount will arguably become the most influential female dean in the US, representing the only one of the self-appointed group of seven top graduate business schools to have a woman in the job.

Financial Times (MBA blog)
Excitement about the appointment of a new dean
April 6, 2010
From the article: It is not her accomplished resume that has impressed students most so far though. Students have been impressed by the presence and humility with which she spoke to the school during her introduction. She took time to introduce her family, reflect upon the great work of her predecessors in building Kellogg into a leading business school and her vision for the future of Kellogg. Her vision is that Kellogg will continue to lead the way in providing a state of the art global business education.

The Economist
Kellogg’s new dean: Stop, look and listen
March 30, 2010
From the article: Kellogg is a school with a long history, having begun life in 1908. Its last two deans, Don Jacobs and Dipak Jain, were both long-standing and highly-regarded. Both were afforded the time to cement—and, some may argue, augment—Kellogg’s global reputation. They are hefty shoes to fill. But there is little room for self-doubt. “They have had such strong leadership,” says the dean [Sally Blount]. “It was an interesting set of skills [the selection committee] were trying to combine. I’m known for being a bridge-builder; a true university citizen.” But true to her collaborative ethos, she says that she hasn’t come to the school with a grand vision of what to change. “A wise leader comes in and does a lot of listening. Then I will better know in six to 12 months where we should go as a school. But Kellogg has a terrific base to be starting from.”

Wall Street Journal
Kellogg Names New Dean
March 30, 2010
From the article: Insiders say Ms. Blount's alumni status and continued connection with Kellogg indicated a strong match. Ms. Blount was selected by a search committee comprised of faculty, alumni, students and deans from other schools on campus. The final decision was made by the university's president and provost. For their part, committee members say they were impressed most of all with Ms. Blount's global focus. At the start of her tenure at NYU, just 25% of Stern's undergraduates studied abroad compared with 75% now. The fact that Ms. Blount was an alumni also strengthened her candidacy, according to Janice Eberly, chair of the search committee. "She's an experienced and effective leader, but more than that, she knows Kellogg inside and out," Ms. Eberly says.

Kellogg Gets A New Dean for Hard Times
April 1, 2010
From the article: Blount is a bold choice for Kellogg—a master fund-raiser at a time when Kellogg's endowment sustained annual losses of 26% in 2009 and a curriculum innovator with a global bent and extensive international experience at a time when Kellogg is seeking to continue extending its global reach. "Dean Blount brings a remarkable combination of strong academic achievement and proven administrative experience at both the business school and university levels," Linzer said in a statement.

With MBA Value in Doubt, B-Schools Pursue New Deans
April 1, 2010
From the article: On Tuesday, it announced that Sally Blount of New York University's Stern School of Business will replace interim dean Sunil Chopra, assuming the position vacated by Dipak Jain. The choice speaks volumes about where Kellogg sees its future. At NYU, where Blount is dean of the undergraduate college and vice-dean at Stern, she is known as a skilled fund-raiser and a curriculum innovator with a global bent. Under her guidance, NYU started two new global degree options that require students to spend several semesters abroad. "The fundamentals haven't changed," Blount says of the challenges she will face at Kellogg. "The bigger changes are more global, and making sure that people know how to be 'boundary-spanners'—across geographies, ethnicities, and disciplines."

Chicago Tribune
Companies reveal big hits to earnings over health care
March 31, 2010
From the article: Northwestern University appointed Sally Blount the new dean of the Kellogg School of Management on Tuesday. Blount, 48, a mother of three, previously was the vice dean at the Stern School of Management at New York University. She is the first woman to lead Kellogg…."All of the things I loved about Kellogg, I realized the things I loved were still true," she said of her first interview with the school's search committee.

Associated Press
Northwestern Names New Kellogg Dean
March 31, 2010

Northwestern Kellogg Business School Names NYU Dean Next Leader
March 30, 2010

ABC 7 Chicago
Kellogg School of Management gets new dean
March 30, 2010

BusinessWeek (Getting In blog)
Kellogg Selects NYU's Blount as New Dean
March 29, 2010

Crain's Chicago Business (also appeared in Crain’s New York Business)
Northwestern's Kellogg taps NYU's Sally Blount as dean
March 30, 2010

Chicago Breaking Business
Kellogg names alumna as new dean
March 30, 2010

Clear Admit Blog
Kellogg School of Management Draws Its New Dean from NYU Stern
March 30, 2010

NYU Washington Square News
Dean to leave Stern for Kellogg School
March 31, 2010
From the article: [New York University] President John Sexton's e-mail sent to all Stern students expressed his admiration for Blount's service to the NYU community. "Over the last six years, Sally has taken on leadership roles both at Stern and at the university level, valued throughout the university for her wisdom, her energy and drive, and her tenacity in the pursuit of excellence," he wrote. "Northwestern is very lucky; we shall miss having her as a member of the NYU community." Stern sophomore Juan Arenas, who took part in Blount's business and its publics class, remembers her genuine care for each of her students. "She's clearly a very smart individual," he said. "She loves to push you and encourages you to push back. She really gets the best out of you. She wants you to think, but not always agree."

Daily Northwestern
Q&A: Sally Blount returns to Chicago as new Kellogg dean
April 1, 2010
From the article: Blount: The biggest goal [for Kellogg] is to continue its excellence into the 21st century. It’s an amazing school. Our goal now is to take it into the next generation with the same vibrancy and entrepreneurial spirit that got it onto the map.”


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